/ / What is the best way to start a dog? Haska Boxer or Dobermann? I need character descriptions.

What is the best way to get a dog? Haska Boxer or Dobermann? I need character descriptions.

Answer # 1:

About the Doberman breed is written: "The Doberman is faithful and fearless, he has strong nerves, he is alert and bold, thanks to his intelligence, he is easy to train, because he has a wonderful instinct, amazing performance and obedience." He can equally well be a good domestic and service dog. "

Often when it comes to dobermann, it is called nervous, capricious and disobedient.
Basically these are the words of people who know about the Dobermann by hearsay. To find out who such a Doberman really is, it's better to turn to those who work with Doberman for more than one year.
These dogs are loved, first of all, for the mind andBoundless devotion to the owner. And also the tender nature of the breed of dog boxer - if you lie down on the sofa, your pet will gladly join you. He wants to always be there and not to let the master out of sight.

If in childhood there was no specialTraining, boxers are extremely distrustful of outsiders, and all guests of the house will bark loudly. So early socialization for this breed is mandatory.

Curiously, although full physical developmentBoxers reach already in one and a half year, their emotional maturity considerably lags behind. And when you try to teach your dog as a child, you might think that you are talking to a wall. But do not be deceived - once the dog ripens and understands everything you have been trying to convince her for so long.
Gentle, faithful dogs, very calm,Infrequently you will hear their barking. They are very fond of the family they live in, but they establish a special relationship only with one person in the house. Husks get along well with children and are always glad to communicate with them. These dogs quickly get used to the new conditions and, under the condition of good physical exertion, get along perfectly in the apartment. In addition, they are almost odorless, not slobbery and are not prone to create a mess in the house.

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If you're going to go hunting with them then get these husky dogs for the street

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How to educate, such a character ...

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Each breed listed by you in own wayIs unique. But surely all will become good friends. Husky bred as a sled dog, also used as a companion dog and show dog. There are a lot of boxers. A Boxer is a faithful and balanced dog. Very much gets used to the owners and loves children. The most playful breed among the guard dogs, Please note that she is the SECURITY DOG. Doberman is a service dog that can be easily trained. Films about Dog Doberman: "Angelic Eyes" Eyes of an Angel (USA, 1991), "Bitch from Beverly Hills" Beverly Hills Chihuahua (USA, 2008). Movies with Husky: the film "White Captivity"
The film "Snow Dogs"
The film "Snow Five"
The film "Iron Will"
The film "The Last Hunters"
Cartoons "Balto", "Balto 2" and "Balto 3"

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If there is no experience with dogs, then no breed of these breeds is suitable for you. And in general, for what purpose do you need a dog? Hunting, security, companion?
Doberman, as a rule, is friendly, peaceful,Very attached to the family and loves children. Moderate temperament, moderate malignancy and moderate excitability are preferred. Dobermans are used in the army and the police, because they are fine bloodhounds, they have an amazing sense of smell and scent. Dobermanns live to 16 years.
Very strong jaws and powerful bite idealFor hanging on a large prey. The Boxer was taken from the English Bulldog and now extinct Bullenbeyser and is part of the Molossa group. A boxer must be fearless, confident, calm with a strong nervous system. Character is of utmost importance and requires careful attention.
The dog is totally unfit for useAs hunting (it hunts, but does not bring prey), the guard (the instinct for the protection of the territory is minimized) and the guard (in the norm these dogs have absolutely no aggression towards the person). The dog is too independent, so it's bad for the role of the service. Attempts to unblock aggression against a person usually result in a dog with a disturbed psyche, which, with the physical capabilities of this dog, poses a tremendous threat to others. This breed can not be strictly used as a guard.

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Depending on what kind of character you wantCalm but sometimes can fool around, a more serious boxer well, you can not say such an octobic, the Doberman likes to fool around and the more active. Choose what you like and which character suits you.

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For the first dog, these rocks are very complex

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Http://petsik.ru/dogbreed-boxer.html http://petsik.ru/dogbreed-siberianhusky.html http://petsik.ru/dogbreed-doberman.html

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