/ Which dog will you advise?

What dog advise?

Answer # 1:

Looking for what you need it. Now there are more than 300 breeds in the world and every year this number is replenished. The breed is full of all kinds: official, hunting, watchdog, rescuers, children, decorative ... If you need to have a dog guard the house or NEAR at home, or in the house I advise you to reconsider these breeds: http://dressirovka-sobak.com /porody-sobak/poroda-sobak-bokser.html
And my favorite breed of dogs: http://dressirovka-sobak.com/porody-sobak/poroda-sobak-doberman.html
If you want a dog, choose a chihuahua, a Yorkshire terrier, a terrier, a Pomeranian Pomeranian, a Shih Tzu, a Japanese hin. But do not forget that these breeds also need to be trained and raised
And another category: Small, medium, large dogs. Small dogs can easily get along in the apartment (from 1 kg to 10 kg), medium dogs can get along in the apartment but with physical exertion every day. There are breeds that physically load contraindicated for example: English and French Bulldog. Medium breeds usually weigh from 10 to 30 kg. And finally, large breeds will not suit life in the apartment, even if you want to have such a dog in the apartment know that this is very problematic but if you have a country house, this category of dogs is for you! And dogs that can be raised by children: http://dressirovka-sobak.com/porody-sobak/poroda-sobak-labrador-retriver.html

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Lap-dogs are the most devoted and warm mittens are warm

Answer # 4:

Looking for what and in what conditions awakens to live

Answer # 5:

So that you believe ..

Answer No. 6:

Looking where you live! Which one do you want small or large?
Golden retriever
German Shepherd
Jack Russell Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier
Chinese Crested
(For my taste this is the best breed of the world!)
The most intelligent dogs in the world!
1st place - border collie.
2nd place - poodle:
3rd place - German Shepherd:
4th place - golden retriever:
5th place - Doberman:
6th place - Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie):
7th place - Labrador Retriever:
8th place - papillon:
9th place - Rottweiler:
10th place - Australian shepherd's dog:
11th place - welsh corgi (pembroke):
12th place - Zwergschnauzer:

Http://topmira.com/priroda/item/19-samye-umnye-s - all others

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