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History of the breed Bull Terrier

The history of the breed of bull terrier is interestingTheir original selection decisions, which resulted in a very successful combination of characteristics, which formed the basis for a new breed of dogs.

How did the history of the Bull Terrier breed begin?

In England, the popularity of dog fights,In which bulldogs participated. In order to increase the spectacle of such battles, new canine types were sought, more enduring and brave. The decision to cross a bulldog with a terrier unexpectedly led to a very successful result. A new breed in honor of ancestors was called bull terrier.

The first mestizos did not have a very pleasantGaze of appearance, but the strength of the bulldog and the dexterity of the terrier led to the creation of a beautiful fighter, struck all his courage. In the future, constant work was done to improve both combat and external characteristics of the breed.

The history of the bull terrier is connected with the name of JamesHinks, who, through the selection of bulldogs and white English terriers, as well as Dalmatians, brought out white bull terriers, distinguished by their elegant structure and excellent fighting qualities. It is not known for certain what other breeds were the ancestors of the bull terrier.

On the history of the emergence of the bull terrier

James Hinks Jr. believes that his father used to breed a new breed of representatives:

  • The Spanish pointer,
  • Greyhound
  • Smooth-collie collie.

After the dogfights were officially banned,Bull Terrier has not ceased to be popular. This breed found many admirers in all walks of life, as it was distinguished by intellect, fearlessness and devotion to the master.

English colonists took the bull terrier with them to various parts of the world, when developing new territories, it was simply irreplaceable, as it fought fearlessly with any enemies.

Brave and gentle

The character of the bull terrier can be fully understood by reading the fascinating story of the Canadian writer Seton-Thompson "Snap. The history of the Bull Terrier. "

This story is dedicated to the history of love and friendshipA man and a bull terrier named Snap, who bravely fought with wolves. After reading the story it becomes clear that the bull terrier is not just a brave fighting dog, but a loyal friend.

The breed received official status in 1888, when the English Bull Terrier Club was established. An interesting moment in the history of the breed was the confrontation of white and colored bull terriers, or rather, their masters.

For a long time, colored dogs were not allowed to work either in breeding or participating in exhibitions. Only in 1950, the same conditions were accepted, for both white and color bull terriers.

This was primarily due to the danger of genetic degeneration of white dogs, in which such hereditary diseases as deafness and infertility progressed. Modern bull terriers are fearless and strong companions of a person who can not only protect their master, but also bring him much joy with his playful character.

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