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Basset Hound, description and photos of the breed, standard and character

Basset Hound (Basset)

Learn more about the breed of dogs Basset Hound, Read the description ✅ and see the photo of the breed ✅.

Basset Hound (Basset) is known as a clown in the canine world. He will definitely cheer you up. Basset Hound is a wonderful pet.

Basset Hound (Basset): characteristics

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Temperament and characteristics

Basset Hound (Basset) is known as a clown inThe canine world. He will definitely cheer you up. Basset Hound is a wonderful pet. He is a sociable, flexible, loyal and loving dog. Basset Hound splendidly gets along with children and other dogs and is friendly towards strangers. He likes to be part of the family: to drive with you in the car, watch TV and play in the yard. Bassethunt is a schooling dog, so it feels very bad if he is left alone for a long time.

If there are no people next to him, then for himNeed another dog or cat. Basset Hound is known for his stubbornness and imperiousness. He likes to do things his own way. Basset Hound can throw all its weight on your knees when you least expect it or even when you are sleeping. And although the basset hound was bred like a hunting dog, he often behaves like a decorative dog-overgrowth. Basset Hound should be kept on a leash or within a fenced area. Otherwise, he can simply follow the smell that interested him. And this can lead him to unpleasant situations. For example, he may be on the roadway.


This dog has the largest and widest nose. Basset Hound world record holder for the length of the ears. Basset Hound was bred from the breed of Bloodhound dogs, known for their large long ears. Basset Hound is charming due to its large long ears and a long calf on short paws. Basset Hound has dense bones that fall into the water like a stone. The density of his bones is such that with an increase of 35 cm, he weighs as much as 55 cm Labrador. His front legs are so far away from the distant that they often have problems with their backs.

And although the basset hound is not a very energetic dog, heCan develop an impressive speed. Bassethunt likes to lie idly for hours, as well as long leisurely walks. If you want to buy a basset hound, you should know and normally treat that they have excessive salivation. Basset Hound likes to eat, so he will beg for food or even steal it at any opportunity. He does not even mind getting on the table and licking the plates or the soup spilled on the table, and sometimes he can even grab the cookies from your child's hands. For a basset hound, it's not safe to jump a lot, so basset owners should be ready to help him climb into a car or a couch.

Basethound is a born hunter. This is how the basset was bred by French aristocrats in order to catch rabbits. To let this look like a lazy dog ​​by smell and basset hound will immediately turn into a precisely tuned haunting machine. Perhaps they look a little cartoonish, but all of their qualities were derived specifically for this purpose. Basset Hound is very well built: a broad chest, large paws - all this gives them greater stability in a pretty bumpy terrain. These big, charming ears help the basset collect scents. When they run along the trail, their ears are dragged along the ground, they pick up the smell and stimulate the dog to run along the trail. Basset Hounda has the 2nd best nose in the world after a bloodhound. The nose of a basset is a precision instrument. It contains almost 20 million olfactory receptors. For comparison, they have only 5 million. Basset is created so that it smells all the way. The bassetes have a wonderful, calm character and dog lovers adore them.


Basset Hound is one of the most difficultTraining dogs. Basset Hound is learning new commands more slowly than almost all other breeds. Basset is quite stubborn and he has his own opinion about everything. If he does not want to do something, then they will not and will not be. And if you want, then you can not hold it. You must be super patient when training a basset hound. This dog is not for everyone. She is for an energetic, resolute and sufficiently solid person who will be able to cope with her character.

The size

GROWTH: Height at the withers of the basset: 33-38 cm

Weight: 18-27 kg.


Basset molts twice a year. During this period it is recommended to comb the wool 4 times a week. Usually it takes 20-30 minutes to comb out the wool. At the usual time, this procedure should be carried out twice less often.

Care of the basset

Because of the small growth of basset hound quicklyGets dirty and therefore it needs to be washed frequently. The basset has moderate requirements to the habitat and although this breed is obedient, it needs space. However, indoors, if you give it time, the basset hound will feel good. Basset feels good in almost any climate. In general, the basset is a healthy breed with small diseases, such as swelling, ear infections due to large ears and back problems.

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