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The smartest dog in the world?

Answer # 1:

According to Bordercolli statistics
1st group. Einsteins

1. Border Collie

2. The Poodle

3. German Shepherd

4. Golden Retriever

5. Doberman

6. Sheltie

7. Labrador Retriever

8. The Papillon

10. Australian Cattle Dog

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

There is no absolute in the world at all .. and there is not the most .. what does the clever ... there are no stupid or intelligent breeds, there is a specific individual ... an incorrect children's question

Answer # 4:

Mongrel))) any breed is artificially deduced and has its shortcomings and deviations)))

Answer # 5:


Answer No. 6:

Akita-inu :)

Answer No. 7:

Enter the Wikipedia "Intellect dogs (the book)" there is a rating

Answer No. 8:

The most intelligent dog, this is yours)
So all the owners will think

Answer No. 9:

The most intelligent dog is the one who has an intelligent host who brought her up so that she could be smart

Answer No. 10:


Answer No. 11:

Agrees with the first answer, American scientistsMade this rating http://www.xage.ru/comments.php?id=11638, and specifically the dog is a border collie named Betsy, before, to Betsy, the title of the cleverest dog in the world was a dog of the poodle breed named Shanda, she knew more than 1000 tricks

Answer No. 12:

Scottish collies are very clever dogs, well, at least my was such ...

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