/ How to feed dogs? Why can not large-breed dogs be fed pork and chicken? What to feed meshanyh, bezbodorodnyh?

Than to feed dogs? Why can not large-breed dogs be fed pork and chicken? What to feed meshanyh, bezbodorodnyh?

Answer # 1:

Dogs, regardless of the breed or its absence, reasonable hosts are fed equally well - the composition of feed does not vary depending on the breed, only the amount varies depending on the size of the dog.
Personally, my opinion (and in the literature more than onceMet) - a dog can feed a pork if it does not have allergy and pork lean and has undergone thermal treatment for this type of meat. As for the chicken - in principle, the same - given the intensive growing of the broiler, when fattening the bird, many stimulating additives and antibiotics are used, so this kind of meat can cause allergies. If the dog does not have an allergy to the chicken, then, by removing the tubular bones, skin and fat, it is quite possible to feed the dog with chicken.

Answer # 2:

Pork can not be anyone by the way. But about the chicken I do not know, I'm feeding my feed with chicken. Nothing) runs))

Answer # 3:

It is believed that the hen is allergic. But I did not notice that the dogs reacted to the chicken ... And pork is not allowed. There are certain GENERAL rules for feeding dogs, and they apply to all breeds ... Plus, depending on the breed, there are nuances ... For example, some breeds need more meat, some less ...

Answer # 4:

The mongrels have the same stomach as the thoroughbreds, andThey need to be fed no worse. Best of all - super premium food. Want naturalka - let's beef, chicken, cicatrix, buckwheat, vegetables. Meat should be at least 60 percent of the diet.

Answer # 5:

Pork is not allowed because it is very oily. You can chicken - but it causes allergies in some dogs. Breed / mongrel - there is no difference in nutrition.
Can feed the dog with dry food, or if there is a lot of money - beef, chicken, it all depends entirely on you and on the health of your dog and your wallet.

Answer No. 6:

Pork fatty for them, and a chicken can beAn allergy, a wind has told or said ... Though too I think why on a chicken an allergy. I have now a mongrel, I cook porridge rice and buckwheat (the rest are either not digested or heavy, it is better not to give) and I interfere with beef (can be cut into small pieces and after simply freezing with boiling water) or fish (but only sea, and her It is necessary to cook) it is also possible to add grated vegetables (grated carrot, pepper, zucchini, not giving red fruit-allergenic vegetables) in the morning, I give cottage cheese + kefir fat-free. In no case, pasta and bread do not give. Bread can be rye and croutons. My all in a row sweeps, it is good to give any vegetables and fruit-vitamin in its pure form. Milk can not be digested

Answer No. 7:

Not chicken but chicken bones nizya. Mongrels are eating all. Buying beef fat and barley porridge in the market brew a bucket and feed it all week. Any grains cheap stir even with a fish head.

Answer No. 8:

My dog ​​eats a chicken quietly, though, inThe last month passed to the chicken stomachs - stopped in the market near the house a decent bird to supply, even our unadulterated dog nose from their "fresh meat" turns. And about pork we decided in the family so: it is not useful to people, why then do you even buy it? Take soup for soup, but for frying, it's better to get out on the market for beef at the weekend.

Answer No. 9:

"Pork for dogs is fat, but if there isThe ability to buy pork from special meat breeds - it can be fed, but it does not have to be the main meat. "([The link is blocked by the decision of the project administration])


"As for the feeding of adults and young peopleDogs, teenage puppies, I believe that it is possible to feed lean pork, and sometimes it is necessary, if the dog needs to build up the muscles (substance), has a healthy digestion and an active lifestyle (long walks, training, training), and even in winter. "

About the chicken - you can feed, only muckShe is a modern chicken. Find good, you are lucky, feed on health. After a week of feeding my dog ​​with chicken (they did not reach the arrival of reliable butchers), she began vomiting, to which the seller of a conventional butcher shop told me: "Are you crazy, for a long time the dog is fed chicken, you can sometimes, ". I knew it, but I thought it was not so all started (((

Answer No. 10:

Write it down? Dictating: the rate is fed turkey, dog - chicken, chow-chow - quail, toy - rabbit, chihuah - pheasant. A mongrel - slops. Did not know?)

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