/ / The big dog and the big parrot are compatible?

A big dog and a big parrot are compatible?

Answer # 1:

Yes, if the dog is peace-loving. Yes, if the cell is not available. Yes, if you're cautious. And yes, if you strongly want it =))). GOOD LUCK =)))

Answer # 2:

Looking in what sports disciplines you will put them, in swimming there, in boxing yes.

Answer # 3:

Look at this and there will be problems

Answer # 4:

If the dog is always interested in whatOr to anyone, and if at all aggressive, then in no case is it worth it! If you really want, then the dog and the parrot should not even meet at all, that is, they should be in different rooms. If the dog is peaceful, then the parrot and the dog will become excellent friends) They can teach each other every reason. Even looking what parrot, if it's hot, then the parrot will quickly learn to bark and make other sounds, and the dog learn the habits of a parrot, will imitate. Yes, and the parrot will imagine the example of a dog. So at your discretion! Good luck !!!

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