/ / Food puppy than and how many times to feed a month of York?

Food for the puppy than how many times to feed the month of York?

Answer # 1:

Puppies of any breed aged from 1 to 2 months
It is necessary to feed every 3 hours.

For this age, the variety in feeding is very important.
Once a week, the puppy should be given a raw chicken egg.
Daily monthly puppies should be fed with fresh or boiled vegetables.
Vegetables are served in the form of mashed potatoes or in a crushed condition.
Vegetables can not be neglected, since it contains in its composition
A lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

It is recommended that small puppies give meat in a crushed form
Or scrolled through a meat grinder.
Fish baby is given only in a boiled form and in a purified form.
Porridge (Hercules, wheat, etc.) on meat broth.
Cottage cheese with milk (main drink).

Answer # 2:

4-5 times to feed until it's too young then and then give twice in the morning and in the evening. Water, too, must milk kefir sometimes

Answer # 3:

Milk, we give chewed meat and feed pedigree for puppies

Answer # 4:

Consult the breeder - where you purchased your thoroughbred puppy.
And never, under any circumstances, do not give him a poison, sold under the guise of fodder: http://tierni.info/whiskas-pedigree.htm - then do not save.

Answer # 5:

I have York at my house right now. I also have a puppy I feed him Pedegri and he loves yogurt. It should be fed 3 times a day. First time since morning. The second time at about 16:30. The third time at 20:00 the minutes are not important

Answer No. 6:

God ... What are you speaking about? What kind of milk? What pedigree? What other yogurt? Firstly, why in 1 month a puppy without a mother, he should drink more of her milk! Secondly, you can not give cow's milk! Feed the fact that gave the breeder, although judging by the fact that he was given a month, this is not a breeder! If you feed your food only premium or super premium class (ask the pet store, you will explain)! Feed 4 or 5 times a day, the water should be constantly ...!

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