/ / How to shear the claws of the puppy has not yet been sheared, it never breaks out strongly and groans as soon as I begin to prune.

How to shear the claws of the puppy has not yet been sheared, it never breaks out strongly and moans as soon as I begin to prune.

Answer # 1:

Choose suitable claws. There are two options. Claws of the first type are similar to scissors and act in a similar way. The claw is placed between the blades, after which the tool handles are compressed. Cottages of the second type have the form of a guillotine with a hole into which a claw is inserted. When gripping the handles, the tool blade slides down and cuts the claw.
Both types are suitable, but with the help of a claw-guillotine it is sometimes difficult to trim the thick claws of some particularly large dogs
Stock up on everything you might need. Prepare a hemostatic powder in case you accidentally cut the claw too short. Also, stock up with treats to distract the attention of the pet during the procedure and reward at its end for the patience shown. This will facilitate both the forthcoming and subsequent clipping procedures.
Although you should avoid shaving your claws too much, even experienced professionals are not immune from accidental mistakes.
Choose the right time. Try to trim claws when the dog is in a relaxed state, choose a comfortable place. It is good to do this after your pet has eaten, or has returned tired from an active walk. In this case, the animal may be too tired to wrestle and resist.

Soothe the dog. Speak with her in a calm, quiet voice, urging you not to worry. If you have never previously clipped your pet claws, gradually prepare him for this, from time to time taking his paws in his hands. Several times a day, sit down for a couple of minutes near the dog, gently stroking her paws. When the dog gets used to your touches to its paws, take the claws and touch the paws with them.
When pruning claws, reward your pet with some kind of delicacy - it will distract and reassure him.
Determine where to make the first slice. Find the living part of the claw. This part contains a blood vessel and nerve endings, so it should not be cut off. If the dog has white, transparent or light claws, this will facilitate your task. The living part of such claws will look like a pinkish or reddish tubule, passing through the center of the claw and ending before the claw top. In the case of black or dark claws, you can not see their living part, so you will have to rely on other methods. Even if you manage to view the live part, it can go further than it seems. [4]
Always start with trimming the very tip of the claw,Capturing less than you might think. The remainder is never too late to cut, while capturing unnecessary, you cause your pet pain, discouraging him from continuing to do the procedure, and, possibly, provoke bleeding.

Take the dog's paw in the arm, reliably, but at the same timeCarefully holding it. Arrange in front of the dog in such a way that your hand is directed along its paw. Gently pull your fingers under the paws of the dog's paws and use your thumb to fix that finger of the pet whose claw you are about to cut off. [5] This position is most convenient when cutting claws on the front paws.
Try not to touch the gaps between your fingers, as many dogs feel tickling and involuntarily jerk their paws.
To trim the claws on the hind legs, lay the dog on its side. This will make your work easier. Put the pet on the table so you do not have to bend over. Hold the dog with your hands on her body and g

Answer # 2:

You're hurting him. After all, you need to cut a drop. Claws pigmented ??? If not, then you should see the red capillary in the lung. It can not be touched! It's a vessel with blood. And if the claw is pigmented, then the capillary may not be very noticeable. But you can see. Cut it off a little bit. Good luck!

Answer # 3:

Look here http://www.dogway.ru/kogti-sobaki-kak-podstrich-kogti-sobaki-kusachki-dlya-nogtey-i-vse-pro-eto

Answer # 4:

You need a puppy to start getting used to the tool that you'll be cutting, and then just start and the main thing is not a lot to cut it)

Answer # 5:

A little bit later, take off the picture In the comments

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Look here
There is a professional cynologist

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Answer No. 8:

Almost all dogs do not like to cut their claws. Pischit specifically that you are off it. But you must cut it. Try not to hurt the living part, otherwise it will stop trusting.

Answer No. 9:

When you're asleep, try to be neatly trimmed. I cut my dog ​​like that.

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