/ / Who do you prefer-a cat or a dog? And why?

Who do you prefer-a cat or a dog? And why?

Answer # 1:

In my opinion, cats are very sensitive toTheir master, they know how to catch and pick up bad energy, and in general cats are very nice creatures that do not require any special care (unless you are going to take it to exhibitions). About the dogs I can not say anything because I have not encountered them, but they do not bring a small benefit.

Answer # 2:

Cat, just like

Answer # 3:

I love everyone)

Answer # 4:

A dog, an eternal positive and endless faithfulness.

Answer # 5:

Cat. I hate dogs, I made such a scar in my childhood.

Answer No. 6:

Just hunting breeds are closer to me, and this is like a mixture of dogs and cats - both dogs are devoted to devotion, and cats are behaving.

Answer No. 7:

A cat and a dog are good

The cat is a very cute fluffy lump that can calm down with its mumble or just cheer up) And a big plus, you do not have to walk)

The dog is man's best friend. Dogs are very loyal, too, can console

Answer No. 8:

Cat. Independent, self-sufficient, independent, calm, under the feet does not interfere, does not require persevering attention.

Answer No. 9:

Cats for calming the nerves, especially their murring, and dogs, this is the most faithful friend

Answer No. 10:


Answer No. 11:

Dogs are nyakes. Cats are also nyakes.

Answer No. 12:

Dogs are more faithful, calmer, more like, not selfish, social, like only the owner.

Answer # 13:

A member of the family is a dog. Cats are allergic

Answer # 14:

Well, I do not like dogs: they need to be managed. Cats do everything themselves.

Answer No. 15:

Dog animal clever _ just pokormi and walk around, and the house or apartment will be guarded

Answer # 16:

No one

Answer # 17:

The dog. because)))

Answer # 18:

The cat is best lop-eared Scottish, like my sister, they always meditate

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