/ / I want to get a dog of West Highland White Terrier breed, who can tell me how it behaves, is it worth it?

I want to get a West Highland white terrier dog, who has a clue how it behaves, is it worth it?

Answer # 1:

Such a compact dog as West Highland WhiteA terrier, is quite capable of living in a city apartment, but even in a city, she needs regular paddocking. Careful care for the hair does not take away from the owners a lot of time. However, to maintain the snow-white wool in proper form, it will have to be combed regularly. Wash is recommended only if necessary - if the dog is very dirty. If the pet is a participant in exhibitions, then before the show you need to do trimming. These are funny and restless dogs, demanding constant attention to themselves. They are the owners of a sonorous voice. They unlimitedly trust their master and are always ready to stand up for his protection, even though they are very small, they have a brave character. They are very peaceful, but like all terriers require education and training. The point of the nose is coal black, the nose is quite wide.

Answer # 2:

At me at the neighbor such, Zakaleba to bark! Either she is an individual, or this is such a breed ...

Answer # 3:

The dog's behavior does not depend on what kind of dog it is. .
The behavior of a dog depends on how it was brought up by a person ..

Answer # 4:

These dogs are friendly both in children andOther breeds. Only it is difficult to take care of the dog's fur, since it is long. It is necessary to follow the teeth, ears and claws. They are active indoors, and are easily accustomed to walk on the trays and not to shove anywhere,

Answer # 5:

It's not a dog, it's an angel ....
Trimming is needed, allergies are possible ... otherwise - no special difficulties, on the Internet a lot of information about the breed,
It's not a dog, it's an angel, melted love ...

Answer No. 6:

This is not an angel, my friends gave away for the reason thatShe even bitten her own when driving from the couch ... there was a long paddock and education and even a cynologist, the breed is very aggressive. She threw herself on the street on dogs and people, she could bite. They could not stand it and they gave it to her ... now there are a lot of dogs of this breed and almost all such ...

Answer No. 7:

It's a very good dog! It's just an angel! Whether it is necessary to start to solve to you. But this breed is much better, more beautiful and easier to care than Yorkie, etc. .. This is a faithful and affectionate terrier!)))

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