/ / Is it true that dogs can wait for the owner for years and yearn for?

Is it true that dogs can wait for years for the owner and yearn for?

Answer # 1:

More than! Some dogs die because of longing for the owner, there were several cases when the dogs were dying from a rupture of the heart after seeing their master dead!

Answer # 2:

of course! What are you? Hachiko did not look?

Answer # 3:

Yes. My dog ​​as soon as I appear on the dacha from the skin over there climbs but will come running to bite me (it's not just a pain mark). And for the cutlet is ready to give everything.

Answer # 4:

Of course it's true. Dogs are very attached to a person, there are certainly separate breeds of dogs that easily change the owner, but basically they are very devoted

Answer # 5:

Of course it's true!

Answer No. 6:

To be honest, I doubt it. At first they yearn, and then calm down.

Answer No. 7:

Of course

Answer No. 8:

Hachiko even put a monument! For the ability to wait !!!

Answer No. 9:

If the dog loses its owner for some reason, it is certainly bad. But if a new person appears in her life, she and him will fall in love, and get used to and life will go into a new direction.
I will even say otherwise. If a dog's conditions of life deteriorate in general, then it is naturally bad. Rather, the fact is that sometimes life does not change for the better.

It also depends on a certain dog. There are dogs who do not care at all, just give and walk walks)

Answer No. 10:

Hachiko as an example)) there is no one more true of dogs, know this))

Answer No. 11:

Here is one example described here. Hachiko. There is also the White Bim ... http://porodasobak.ru/umnye-li-sobaki-v-principe.html

Answer No. 12:

This is true if the owners throw, and if the dog for some reason is in a new family, it gets used. Some long, some even a week.

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Answer # 14:

About this many films, let's say Hatiko!)

Answer No. 15:

Of course! About it says history!

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