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Training bullmastiff. Exhibition training

First of all, it should be noted that any dog ​​needs to be trained, and certainly such as bullmastiff, it is necessary to train necessarily.

And we are talking here primarily about the courseObedience. Such a huge dog, with such potential aggression can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, it must obey the orders of the owner without question.

The contents of such a dog in an apartment houseAlways involves difficulties: some of the tenants do not like dogs at all, and they are looking for an opportunity to express their negative attitude; Some of them are just afraid of dogs, and even more so, like yours; Someone is afraid for their children, suspecting that your dog can at least frighten them, etc. You will have to be a diplomat and an attentive neighbor.

But to make it easier for you to do this, train your dog! And many questions will disappear by themselves.

Bullmastiffs are trained well and quickly. They are very intelligent and easily grasp the essence of the task that the owner sets before them. With repeated repetition, they quickly remember the requirements of the team and perform them reliably. Some stubbornness can be expressed in the fact that the dog prefers, for example, not to go near, but somewhat behind the master, which does not comply with the rules.

Maybe a little unnecessary playfulness andThe curiosity of the puppy in the first stage will distract him from performing the team on the court. But all this is surmountable, and it can be overcome without much effort. In one of her interviews, the famous trainer Irina Bugrimova said that the process of her work with predators (lions and tigers) consisted in an uninterrupted "psychic attack" on them. So, with bullmastiffs it's just not necessary. These dogs try very hard to understand exactly what the host wants, and to do it. Of course, wanting to get his praise and delicacy.

Training dogs breed Bullmastiff

As the directories devoted to breeds of dogs write,Bullmastiff already with his own formidable form is able to scare off a potential enemy. In many cases this is true, but sometimes there are also such opponents, whose large dog size and frightening appearance is not very scary. Therefore, bullmastiff should be trained according to the programs of the guard-guard service.

In other words, your bullmastiff owes youprotect. Moreover, he must be able to protect you technically, skillfully, reliably and fearlessly, no matter what enemy he is facing. All this is achieved by training, which should be built taking into account the internal potential of dogs of the breed Bullmastiff.

There is another kind of training, which must be mentioned and which most likely will have to be subjected to your pet. it Exhibition of bullmastiff. To do this course you will also be on site with a professional trainer or handler, who may have their own approach to this training.

In fact, all that is required of a dog isThe ability to move forward and back through the ring or in the direction indicated by the judge, usually trot. After this, the dog must firmly stay in the exhibition rack, so that the expert can carefully examine it. Frankly, it should be noted that there are no ideal dogs.

Any of them have some, even if onlyMinimum, shortcomings. And the task of exhibition training and exhibition handling (the ability to exhibit, demonstrate the dog) is precisely to hide these shortcomings as much as possible, and to present the dignity as brightly as possible.

Without participation in exhibitions (and without victories on them) your dog will not be allowed to breed.

So, let's start with the requirements of experts toExhibition dogs. The dog must completely obey the expert in the ring, give himself a look (and even feel), which is unacceptable for almost any good watchdog. So, this will also need to train your dog.

Two bullmastiffs

The dog must move confidently and effectively inRing, firmly and motionlessly stand in the exhibition stand, giving the expert an opportunity to examine it as best as possible and make a correct and qualitative description. In addition, the dog should be trained in the procedure for examining the oral cavity.

As a rule, the expert prefers that thisDid the owner or handler. And not only because a dog can not tolerate this from an outsider, but also because one of the dogs can be sick and the judge can infect all the participating dogs.

Exhibition training

Proceed to show training asPossible ahead of time. And, by the way, it's best to do it again on the training ground. From the earliest childhood, future exhibitors must accustom themselves to an unfamiliar place or environment.

At exhibitions there is an incredible noise: Screams of the loudspeaker, flashes of cameras, the endless and chaotic movement of hundreds of dogs and their owners, crowds of spectators, etc. etc. And the exhibitors should be completely indifferent to all this.

Before proceeding with the exhibition preparationDogs, it is necessary to test the temperament of the puppy. A brave, playful puppy is easy enough to prepare, since you only need to direct its energy into the right direction. If the puppy is insecure and cautious, he should be introduced as soon as possible to the outside world: walking in unfamiliar places, driving a puppy to where there are many people, dogs, where there are many sounds, noises, etc. As a rule, it helps.

Watching the work of a professional handler inRing, you can learn a lot, but all this is of little use if you do not hone your own skill and skills of your pet. So, for example, without knowing the real flaws and virtues of your dog, how will you hide the first and emphasize the latter?

If your dog, for example, is saggy (or, likeSay the cynologists - a failed one, then you need to put it in the exhibition stand and lightly push it on your stomach - your back will straighten. If the dog moves too closely in the movement, then it is necessary to choose the tempo of movement, in which this defect is least noticeable. And so on and so forth.

Bullmastiff is a breed that is easily amenable to different kinds of training and with great pleasure working on training grounds. Do not be lazy to deal with your dog, and it will necessarily justify itself.

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