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Argentinean Great Dane: description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price

Argentinean dog

Argentinean dog - this is a courageous handsome snow-white color,Which is also called the Argentine mastiff. And do not for nothing call: because the progenitor of the mastiff was a Spanish mastiff, but more on that later. The first feature that I want to mention is that this breed is the only one that was bred in Argentina. How can you describe this dog in a few words? Courageous, imperious, noble, peaceful and cheerful are the most precise definitions, but not all.

Argentinean Great Dane - white beauty of South America

Argentinean dog belongs to the class of serviceDogs. The main purpose of the Great Dane is hunting large game (boar, puma, jaguar, etc.). Most often a whole bunch of danes and other breeds participate in the hunt, but it should be noted that the "Argentinian" is very hardy and strong, he can pursue the prey for a long time and always comes out victorious in the bout.

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As for the appearance, the dog has everything hereMore than good. He has an athletic body with musculature. This is a fairly large dog with a large skull. She has a strong and strong neck and a powerful jaw. The coat is short and shiny, exceptionally white in color.

History of the origin of the breed

Argentinean dog

This breed has a very interesting historyOrigin. In the 16th century mastiffs were imported to the territory of Argentina. After that, their gradual "transformation" began in the Argentinean mastiff of a modern species. But the great contribution to this development was made by the well-known Argentine professor and dog breeder Antonio Nores Martinez. In the late 19th early 20th century dog ​​fights were popular. The most common "participants" of which were white Spanish mastiffs, they were also called the White fighting dog of Cordoba. Martinez did not like dog fights, but he drew attention to this bold and strong white dog. He decided to create a breed whose range of qualities and characteristics would be so wide that it could be used to hunt big game, to protect property as a guide, and as a reliable and loyal friend and companion.

Martinez long and carefully selected suitableCandidates for crossing. And as a result, dogs such as the Cordoba dog, the bulldog, the German boxer, the bull terrier, the Bordeaux dog, the Irish wolfhound and, of course, the large white Pyrenean dog participated in the formation of the breed. Formation was completed only in 1947, then the first breed standard was presented. And in 1964 the breed was internationally recognized. And, once again, mention that at the moment, the Argentinean dog is the only recognized breed from Argentina.

This dog became a symbol of Argentina. And not in vain: after all, her qualities exceeded all expectations. A brave hunter with a moderate temperament, a brave defender and a brave guard, an excellent companion and a faithful irreplaceable friend, as well as a service guide dog - all combine in such a large, and seemingly formidable, Argentine doge.

Character of the Argentinean mastiff

Argentinean dog

"The murder machine" or "killer dog" is,Perhaps, the most common descriptions of the Argentine dane. Impressive sizes, athletic body, formidable look and powerful jaws make you think 10 times before you approach this dog. But this can only be asserted by those who have never communicated with the "Argentine" and did not even know him. But those people who have become the lucky owners of the Argentine dane or have at least a little time to get acquainted with it, call it "affectionate and affectionate beast".

Appearance is sometimes deceptive, so if youDecided that the Argentine dane must necessarily be tough and aggressive, then you are deeply mistaken. Rigidity and aggression, of course, can be present, but still such qualities as friendliness and cheerfulness prevail. Most reviews of this dog are extremely positive. And the negative feedback is left only by those owners who themselves made mistakes in upbringing and training.

Argentinean dog

The character of the "Argentine" is a harmonious combinationCourage, hunting instinct, immeasurable love for people and other outstanding qualities. There is an opinion that the Argentine dog is a fighting dog. He really has excellent physical data that would allow him to participate in battles with other dogs and he would come out of them as a winner, but he is very smart and able to assess the situation. Therefore, thoughtlessly "bicker" with other dogs, "Argentine" simply will not. He is easy to train, from the first time he remembers all the teams, he has a perfectly developed scent. Due to this, they are often used as service dogs in the police or in search and rescue operations.

As for the attitude of the "Argentine" to the children,Here, too, his friendliness and love for people take its toll. Only under one condition - small children should treat the dog as benevolently as he does to them. Often you can observe the trembling and tender relationship between all family members and the dog.

The only small minus that is inThe character of the Argentine is his innate sense of domination. It will be very difficult for him to co-exist in the same house with other dogs or cats, for example. Most often, he shows aggression only to dogs. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant situations on a walk, it is necessary to walk your Argentinean pet on a leash.

Breed standard: basic characteristics

Argentinean dog

The standard, which is valid for today,Was last approved in 2012. If we talk about the general description of appearance, the Argentinean dog is an athletic dog, built proportionally and having a very developed musculature, as well as a large head and powerful jaws. Despite her large size, she has no propensity for giganticism. The skin is elastic and thick, under it you can clearly observe powerful muscles. Color should be white, allowed a small black spot only on the muzzle.

In general, the whole appearance of the dog producesThe impression of strength and power, for some may seem daunting, but in fact "Argentine" is an intelligent, intelligent and friendly dog. Active, intelligent, obedient, knows how to assess their strengths and capabilities, does not bark without reason, a brave, courageous, non-aggressive dog.

Growth of adult male - from 60 to 68 cm, the growth of bitches varies from 60 to 65 cm.

The weight of an adult male is from 40 to 45 kg, the weight of a female varies from 40 to 43 kg.

Head is large, looks powerful, butIn proportion to the whole body. Smooth lines and transitions, there are no sharp corners. In a duet with a neck, the head forms a powerful muscular arc. Skull bones compact, slightly convex in front. The occipital bones are not very strong.

The nose of the nose is black, the nostrils are wide. Nose slightly upturned, closer to the tip gradually rises, thereby continuing the concave line of the muzzle. The muzzle is also powerful, long, but not flat, wide. The upper line is concave - this is one of the main distinctive features of the Argentine dane.

Argentinean dog

Lips are dense, short and slightly thick. The edge is free, the priority is black pigmentation. Jaws are well developed, converge a little homogeneously. This ensures the strongest bite and strong grip. Teeth large and white. The bite can be scissor or bite-mites. Cheeks are flat, without folds and depressions, tightly covered with skin.

The eyes of the "Argentinean" almond-shaped,Widely distributed from each other. Are located at medium altitude. The color may be nuts or dark. In the priority of eyelids with black pigmentation, but weakly expressed eyelids are allowed. The view must always be alive, alert and a little hard.

The ears are set high enough, distant each otherFrom a friend due to the features of the skull. Must be stand-still, and must be docked. The shape is triangular. If the ear is uncoupled, then it is of medium length, wide, thick, tip rounded. The ears should be covered with smooth hair, which is much shorter than the whole body. Small black spots on the ears are allowed, but such that the overall aesthetic appearance of the dog is not spoiled.

The case of the "Argentinean" has a rectangular format,powerful. The withers are developed and slightly protruding, and the upper line is straight and level. The neck is powerful, with a thick, but supple skin. Ahead of the neck there are small folds, which should not strongly hang. The coat on the neck is somewhat longer than on other parts of the body. The chest should be deep and wide, down to the level of the elbows. The ribs are slightly curved, which allows the dog to take maximum deep breaths while running. The abdomen is tightened.

Argentinean dog

The back should be strong, wide, with a smallSlant to the side of the waist. The loin is also strong with well-developed musculature. The forelimbs of the Argentinean are straight, even. On the elbows there are no wrinkles or wrinkles. Shoulders are developed and powerful. On rounded paws thick, fleshy pads of black color. The skin on them is rough and hard. Short fingers are sorted into a ball. The hind legs are also vertical and even, parallel to each other. The muscles are very developed on the hips. Hind legs are similar to anterior paws, but somewhat smaller and slightly wider. There may be dewclaws that must necessarily be removed. The footsteps of the dog are quiet, barely audible. It must move confidently and quickly.

The tail is located high enough. It is thick and long, in a calm state it should hang, and when moving slightly rise, resembles the shape of a saber. The coat should be short and smooth, smooth to the touch. The length is not more than 2 centimeters. But the density and thickness of the coat will depend on the climatic conditions in which the Argentinean dog lives. Consequently, in hot countries the mastiffs are almost without wool, you can even see the skin, in cold - with thick wool and a developed undercoat.

Color can be only one color - white. Allowed only barely noticeable black spots on the ears and around the eyes. All spots of black pigmentation should be no more than 10% of the entire head.

Serious shortcomings include:

  • Weakly developed backbone and musculature;
  • Nose is not black or mildly black;
  • Hanging loose lips;
  • Small, undeveloped, yellow teeth;
  • The turn of the century;
  • Eyes of light color;
  • Flat narrow chest;
  • Long knee tendon;
  • Pigmentation of skin and hair on the body, except the head;
  • Aggressive, naughty.
  • Undershot or undershot mouth;
  • Growth is lower or higher than specified in the standard.

Education and training of the Argentine Dane

Argentinean dog

It should be noted that experts recommendTo get the Argentine dane only to experienced owners or those who madly love this breed and are ready to stock up with a lot of patience. Despite the fact that this dog is quite calm and peaceful nature, with its upbringing and training there can be many troubles and problems.

As in the case of other breeds, startTo bring up the "Argentine" is necessary from the very first days of his appearance in your home. The educational process must be persistent, moderately mild, necessarily consistent and calm. Argentine danes are very smart, and even puppies need motivation to do something. Remember that in the case of "Argentines" you need to forget about severe punishments, gross insults and a heightened tone. All this can lead to an undesirable effect and will soon turn against you. The thing is that these dogs are very fond of people and fast to them are attached, but the offense permanently "settles" in their soul, and then they become indifferent, aggressive and uncontrollable.

Argentinean dog

To begin with, you must earn the respect of yourThe pet. This is important with all dogs, but with "Argentines" especially. After all, they have an inborn desire to dominate. And it is only for a moment to cease to be in his eyes authority, as the dog immediately takes the reins of government in its paws. It is almost impossible to correct the behavior and attitude of an adult dog. Therefore, it's best to do everything in a timely manner, starting with puppyhood.

Pay special attention to socializationThe Argentinean Great Dane. After you have purchased a small puppy, start carrying it around with you. This is necessary for the dog to get acquainted with people, children, other dogs and different animals, with the surrounding world, etc. At the first attempts to bite or aggressively rob someone, stop it in a firm and confident tone, you can lightly patter over the scruff.

It is important to understand that it is undesirable to startArgentine Dane, if you do not have any experience in dealing with dogs. This dog needs to be engaged constantly, it is necessary to love for everything, to treat with awe, but, at the same time, always to be for it "the leader of a pack". If this is your first dog, and you do not yet have the experience of training and education, then with the "Argentinean" you can have difficulties, and you will deprive the quiet life of not only yourself, but also spoil the life of the pet.

Features of care, maintenance and feeding

Argentinean dog

The Argentinean dog is perfect for bothCity apartment, and for a country house. "Argentine" by nature has a fine athletic build, so it does not have to be physically loaded. But he also should not lie for a long time, otherwise he can find not quite right hobbies because of banal boredom. It is enough to walk the dog 2 times a day for 1-1.5 hours. The dog is energetic, therefore during the walk it splashes out and drains all the energy accumulated during the day, directs it to the right track.

It is not necessary to leave the "Argentine" for a long time withoutSupervision, otherwise he will feel freedom, will give birth to an innate hunting instinct and, for example, gnaw out all your shoes and some furniture, and if there are other pets in the house, for them it can also end very unpleasantly.

With regard to care, there is noSet of problems. Short hair does not require special care, it will be enough during the moult to remove the fallen hairs with a rubber brush or special mittens. It is necessary to cut the claws in a timely manner and wash the eyes. Also, monitor the condition of the ears, do not clean more often than 1 time in 2 weeks. With regard to water procedures, then swim Argentine dog is recommended only when it is polluted by 100%. Otherwise, the dog can catch a bad cold.

Argentinean dog

Proper and balanced nutrition isThe basis of health and longevity of any dog, including the Argentinean mastiff. Small puppies "Argentines" are distinguished by an excellent appetite. But you can not overfeed them. There is a calculation that will help regulate the food and weight of the puppies: the amount of food per day should not exceed 7% of the total weight of the dog. If puppies have to have a 4-hour diet before half a year, then after six months and older it is necessary to translate into 2-storied meals.

In the diet of the Argentine mastiff mustBe meat in its raw form. If you decide to add to the food products such as liver, heart and other offal, they must be cooked. You should also add vegetables and herbs to the diet, except potatoes. You can use cereals and cereals. Be sure to add fish, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir and other dairy products to the ration.

It is forbidden to feed the "Argentine" sweet,Salted, smoked, bitter, fried, floury, as well as food from a common table. The ideal option is a balanced dry food, which if desired can be combined with traditional food.

Health and disease

Argentinean dog

It should be noted that the Argentinean mastiffExcellent health. The average life expectancy is 14-16 years. Despite the fact that "Argentine" is a fairly large dog, it is not inclined to turn guts and stomach. But there are specific for this breed disease:

  1. Dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints;
  2. Food allergy in the form of dermatitis;
  3. Congenital deafness (in representatives with mottled color and light eyes);
  4. Glaucoma and epiphora (not perforation of the lacrimal canal);
  5. Hypothyroidism (insufficient production of thyroid hormones).

How to choose the right dog and where to buy Argentine dog

If you still decided to become happyOwner of a white Argentinean handsome, it remains only to get acquainted with useful advice on choosing a puppy. First, make sure that the breeder has a passport and all the necessary documents that confirm that the puppies have all the physical and mental characteristics prescribed in the standard. Then you can start personal acquaintance with the little boys.

The ideal age for a puppy is 1.5 months. The place where the puppies are kept must be clean, dry, ventilated, with access to the sun, without draft. First of all, be guided by the health and appearance of the puppy: playful, active, with a good appetite. He should be interested in you and try to interest you. If you notice that the puppy is kept apart and displays a closed character or aggression, it is cowardly, it is better to bypass it with attention.

The coat should be shiny, the eyes too. The ears are clean, the nose is wet. Small "Argentines" should be a little dense. But most importantly your potential pet should be responsive to your caresses and to your attention.


Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Average cost of puppies with a pedigree About 30 000 rubles.

Photo of the Argentinean Great Dane

Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog Argentinean dog
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