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What kind of dog does not shed?

Answer # 1:

All "shed", just in most breeds, woolItself "is strewed," and some need to remove dead hair, otherwise the dog first looks ugly, and secondly, it has serious problems with the skin.
Almost all terriers, schnauzers, poodles, griffinsNeed either in trimming (for hard-haired breeds), or in a haircut (for those with wool soft). Good, quality, grooming pleasure is not the cheapest, but it's worth it. Brought the dog in order once in 2-3-4 months and maintain this beauty. And no wool can fly around the house.

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Naked does not shed

Answer # 4:

Yorkie Do not shed and do not smell, unlike other large breeds of dogs

Answer # 5:

To some extent, all dogs are shedding

Answer No. 6:

Wheaten Terrier, Leverets as an option

Answer No. 7:

No one!

Answer No. 8:

Bichon Frize ...
Very shaggy ... all the hair on the comb ... we scratch it in a day or two ..., they can write four, but then they will torture the coats ....

Answer No. 9:

Bald (hairless) dogs do not shed. And all the dogs moult so big and small .... Just small is not so noticeable, because they have much less wool

Answer No. 10:

All PUDELI from the poodle to the royal do not shed.

Answer No. 11:

Http://dogsecrets.ru/pydel.html poodle.

Answer No. 12:

Yorkshire terriers, Chinese crested, and chihuahua, all schnauzers do not molt, west highlands, griffons ..

Answer # 13:

Yorkshire Terrier is very small in size. Its weight is usually not more than three kilograms. This breed of dog, considered one of the smallest in the world, was bred exclusively for decorative purposes.

Unique qualities are woolYorkshire terrier. In dogs of this breed there is no completely undercoat, and hair in its structure resembles human hair. Yorkshire Terrier never molts. York

Answer # 14:

Yorkshire terrier

Answer No. 15:

Poodle does not shed any time

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Answer # 17:

Maybe the naked Chinese crested)))
Smooth one
Breeds and their description

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