/ / How to teach the dog to the toilet? A question only to those who have taught their dog !!!

How to teach the dog to the toilet? A question only to those who have taught their dog !!!

Answer # 1:

I know of two working methods.

The first method is suitable for those puppies that are really accustomed to the toilet.
We remove carpets in all places where your puppy will be.
In every room where he will be,Including the kitchen, the hallway, the corridor, the loggia, we lay the absorbent diaper or newspaper (Next diaper). That is, we put the diapers everywhere. A bit not aesthetic, but reliable! Why so many? The puppy of the toy terrier is small, and the distances are large. In addition, he immediately takes some decision and immediately executes it. No diaper - sat down on the floor, found a diaper, most likely, went to her. Therefore, diapers should always be in the puppy's field of vision. Once the puppy did the right thing, we encourage him. We tell him the word that you always want to praise him. For example, "good." And give him a treat. Do not skimp on praise, and always keep a treat with you. As the puppy grows and gets used to the new home, it is STEPPED to move the diapers to the place you originally identified for the puppy toilet. Diapers move slowly, no more than 2-3 cm per day. Gradually some of the diapers can be removed. The results will remain the same and in the right place.
If you are sure that the puppy is clearly accustomed toToilet on the diaper in the room you can return the carpets. But I advise you not to hurry, because a small puppy can take a carpet for a large diaper. Then you have to start again.

The second method is suitable for very small puppies or for puppies that have not been accustomed to the toilet at all.
Restricting space. For small puppies, we make a pen. For older puppies a spare room or kitchen is suitable. All the floor in the pen or room we cover with diapers. All without lumens.
In the first case, our puppy was already accustomed toDiaper, that is, I knew how it looks, how it smells, and what to do with it. In the second case, we introduce the puppy to the diaper. Having covered the entire floor with diapers, we do not leave the puppy of choice. That is, in any case, being in this room, the puppy descends only on the diaper. In a week you clean gradually one diaper. When the puppy did everything right for you, praise him and give him a treat. Of course, the puppy will not be imprisoned all the time. Business before pleasure! We remember that the puppy should be taken to the toilet immediately, as soon as he wakes up or has a meal. Therefore, he sleeps and eats a puppy, too, in a room with diapers. The rest of the time the puppy should be under your supervision and as soon as he started sniffing or running, then we send him to the room with diapers. Once the puppy understands what to do with the diaper, you no longer restrict his freedom. Just according to the first method, you spread the diapers all over the apartment. And carpets need to be removed. Do you remember? 

If you want a puppy, you must go toDog toilet (Next tray) then, lay a diaper on it. First the puppy will go to the diaper, only it will be on a small elevation. He hardly will notice it. Then wrap the diaper over the diaper or fix the diaper if the dog toilet provides for fixing the diaper. If you have a toilet with a mesh tab, then gradually transfer the diaper under the mesh tab or as before, just wrap the mesh with a diaper. Cat's tray is not suitable for dogs - it's too small.

All - Your puppy goes to the dog's toilet! Congratulations!

A few more frequent cases:

The puppy clearly walks on the carpet and does not pay attention to diapers. What to do in this case?

Same. We fully cover the carpet with diapers. Now, when the puppy wants to go to the carpet, he gets on the diaper. Then we remove the carpet, and gradually reduce the number of diapers in place of the carpet. This procedure may take longer than usual. Therefore, leave a few diapers and gradually move this design to the side. Look, will the puppy go on diapers or will he prefer to go to the floor where the carpet used to be? In any case, sooner or later the puppy will go to the diaper. But carpets will have to be taken away forever.

Answer # 2:

Nose poke in the toilet!

Answer # 3:

If you mean a tray or diaper, then soThe same as accustomed to kittens. Has written down - wet a diaper slightly with urine and put there where have defined or determined "a vestibule place". How to see what he is looking for, where to go to the toilet - put on a diaper. Do the same after eating and sleeping. Talk, explain. Goes where you need - praise, give delicious. And if you are about getting used to the toilet on the street, then the solution is one - to walk more often and longer, and to praise again for the right things done.

Answer # 4:

They say you need to sprinkle with water and vinegar those places where she often goes. But I did not succeed. Weathered it, started to mess it up again.

Answer # 5:

Dogs of small breeds (osobenoo yoriki) by 99% are not accustomed to the toilet.

Answer No. 6:

Because the puppies write and cough about10-15 minutes after eating, you just need to watch your pets. If you accustom to the tray, after this time, put the baby on the tray. If you want your dog to defecate outside the house, take the puppy out onto the street. When he pisses or pokes, be sure to praise. After a while, the animal will get used to and will walk into the tray or ask to go outside.

You can first keep a small puppy inLimited space of the apartment. Then he will understand that this is his house, and at home the dogs try not to shit. Puppy, just like in the first case, after sleeping and eating, is taken out into the street (put in a tray) and praised when he does his business there. This method is good because the kid will quickly realize: the street (the tray) is the only "not a house", and there you have to shit.

If the puppy is shitting at certain places, noticeThem and put there a newspaper or a rag. First, it's easier to clean. Secondly, when the puppy gets used to going to the toilet on newspapers or rags, these newspapers or rags can be put in a tray. It is better not to put immediately, but gradually move towards the tray or the front door. If you want to send out the needs outside the apartment, then you can take the newspaper out onto the street. Release the puppy into the corridor, and when he starts looking for the newspaper, take him out into the street.

Answer No. 7:

1 Method first when the puppy was born needWait 1 month or two. Carefully look after the puppy as soon as he has the need to put a tray on this place. 2 Method as soon as you have fed the puppy and have chosen a place for the toilet start keeping the puppy there until it meets your need and do so often in a week or two personally in a week I start releasing the puppy then he will get used to and go where you want him Accustomed.

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