/ What kind of food for dogs is better to buy pedegri, chapi or expensive, elite royal canine?

What kind of food for dogs is better to buy pedegri, chapi or expensive, elite royal canine?

Answer # 1:

Chappi and Pedigri - this is not food, and the cathodeThat is, the means for the purposeful destruction of dogs by the hands of naive (surprisingly!) Owners: http://tierni.info/whiskas-pedigree.htm
Royal-Kanin is one of the good foods,Despite the fact that this company was bought back in 2004 by the same company Mars: it seemed that they wanted to decorate the list of their poison with at least one brand with an impeccable reputation. However, recently there have been persistent rumors on the Internet that Royal Canin has become bad - especially Royal Canin for dogs. With regard to the food for cats, my experience does not confirm these rumors: my two get it constantly without fail, the result is the best. But you - a dog, and I thought it necessary to warn you - maybe it's better not to take a Royal Canin, but for example Hills.
Good food useful to animals is cheaper than the "economy class" poison, even without taking into account the cost of futile attempts to save the pet in the future - as it goes fewer times.

Answer # 2:

Pedigri - chappi - this is in the garbage, on veterinariansMore will spend. Royal cane is far from elite, but certainly it is still much more like a normal food. In general, feed is divided into economy, premium and super premium. Premium on the principle is not prohibitively expensive, but edible it is quite possible. Of the economy, you have to choose very much, because mass these chappi with pedigree, just poison. As in cats with whiskas-kiteketami. Good zomagi do not even sell them in principle.

Answer # 3:

Royal. But his composition is not the best
And Chuppy and Pedigri

Answer # 4:

Any feed is not lower than premium class. There are many other foods besides the piano and better ones.
Pedigri and chappi - economy class, poor feed

Answer # 5:

And what do you think?

Answer No. 6:

But the choice of only these?
Not Chappi and Pedigri for sure, this is a poor economy class.
Food is individually selected, which is more suitable, of course from superpremium or holistic class

Answer No. 7:

A plate of borscht is much better. My do not have all these dry rations. Eats only what we eat. By the time the dog is 16 years old.

Answer No. 8:

More feed is not that? I've recently bought 15 cells Valdi and all for 2000.

Answer No. 9:

You decide whether to bait the dog or feed well

Answer No. 10:

Of the listed-Royal

Answer No. 11:

Chappi and pedigree are the colored food

Answer No. 12:

Royal caffeine is not an elite, but simply a more or less edible food. Pedigree is just a poison.
In stores, except these two brands, there are still many different feeds, including quite decent.

Answer # 13:

Pedigree and chappy do not even try, if you do not want to undermine the health of the dog. I feed my Bosch, that's really really good food and quality is always on top.

Answer # 14:

Now the mass of premium foods, such as Boschevsky, Dineyka feed is very large, you can pick up for your pet, depending on age, weight, taste preferences.

Answer No. 15:

Of course, premium food is better than cheap. Our on Bosch for large breeds. We have a labrador.

Answer # 16:

Do not feed groceries! This is a murder for your dogs! I heard from the pedigree dogs that they died from pedigree (If you have a dog, take care of it and choose a special professional feed.) If you want a recommendation, feed the Hills, the stench from the dog's familiar mouth has passed with the transition to this food and the tear has come to naught! A ration of lamb rice was given.

Answer # 17:

In addition to these, there is a much higher quality feed, for example, Bosch - we have eaten it for a long time and no complaints. And he is very fond of delicacies from Bosch.

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