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Are there dogs that do not bark?

Answer # 1:

I can not say exactly at the expense, from nature, though I heard the breed of sheep dogs is such. But here is an interesting, in the topic,
Recently, Thailand suffers fromOverpopulation, but not human, but ... dog. There are many stray dogs in the country, which bark at night and prevent people from sleeping. To do with violators is impossible, because Buddhism forbids cruel treatment of animals. A humane way out of the critical situation was found by a smart veterinarian from the city of Rayong. With the help of a special tube he shoots at stray dogs with a syringe with sleeping pills. A few minutes later the animal falls to the ground. Then the "dog doctor" takes him to a shelter for homeless dogs in a Buddhist temple and makes an uncomplicated operation on the vocal cords. After full recovery, the dogs are released to freedom, but now they bark with a barely audible "whisper".

Answer # 2:

There are! ... toy ....

Answer # 3:

Well this is the right dog. They do not bark. Like calls.

Answer # 4:

Basenji is a small, smooth-haired,A graceful dog that does not know how to bark. However, the Basenji can not be called a mute, for it is capable of producing various sounds: snorting, roaring, howling, giggling, growling. The most valuable qualities of this breed are the mind, hunting abilities, speed, and ... silence.

The dogs of the Basenji breed are extremely thin andShiny hair, because the ancestors were from the lands with a hot climate. In colder regions, the dog's coat is slightly coarser, while remaining sparkling, it does not cause allergies at all, it does not smell.

Basenji breed description
Origin: Central Africa. Purpose: companion, a dog for hunting.

Height: height at the withers at the dog 43cm, at the bitches 40cm.

Weight: male 11kg, female 9kg.

Answer # 5:

Yes. The dead.

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Answer No. 7:

There .. I do not remember how the breed is called .. look like a noble ..

Answer No. 8:

At the Chinese, they do operations on their vocal cords.

Answer No. 9:

No, soft only if !!

Answer No. 10:

There are those who immediately bite without warning

Answer No. 11:

Of course: Bassenji, Chinese Crested, dingo, Akita-Niu

Answer No. 12:

My father works as a firefighter, and so there they had a trained dog. Dad brought it to us she did not bark at all

Answer # 13:

The bats.

Answer # 14:

There are such. But this does not mean that they are dumb, these dogs can scream, whine, whine, etc.

Basenji or African non-moving dog - oneFrom the most ancient breeds of dogs. The history of the breed totals about 5000 years, the region of origin is central Africa. The uniqueness of the breed lies in the fact that its representatives do not bark, but they produce special sounds peculiar to the Basenji, similar to the rumbling, but they can be heard only when the dog is excited.
Evrazier, wolf dog of Sarlos, Czech volcano, lupo italiano, Chinese kunming, siba-inu,
Husky and malamute can also be attributed to such dogs, with a stretch, the truth.

Answer No. 15:

Yes, Bassenji

Answer # 16:

The Russian Greyhound. Communicate with these dogs. Really do not bark. The owner of the dogs told me. That the dog for 1.5 years barked only once, on a walk, ran a lot and played and once made a sound. Like GAV

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