/ / Which dog is better than York or Spitz ???? Please advise who to buy .... *)

Which dog is better than York or Spitz ???? Please advise who to buy .... *)

Answer # 1:

If you can not, choose one of the listed, then there is no reason to start, you need to know and prepare what kind of dog you will take, and what actions you will have in the future

Answer # 2:

For taste and color ....

Answer # 3:

Spitz, so to myself relate to these breeds, but better than the Spitz, with yorkies all go. And Spitz are nicer

Answer # 4:

Buy a miniature schnauzer !!

Answer # 5:

Of course this is your choice, but I think that the Spitz is better)) there are a lot of expenses for Yorkians, believe me, it's right to cut their nails, comb them, feed them. . Although about Spitz the same can be said.

Answer No. 6:

SHPITS SHPITS, I have a spitz, such nyashy, and a yorky at 3 years old teeth fall out.

Answer No. 7:

York is quieter and more friendly than Spitz

Answer No. 8:

If you are ready to comb, comb and generally carefully and daily care for the hair spitz - take it. These dogs are very fond of talking, are active.
Yorkshire does not have hair, but hair that also needsCut and comb. Watch out for the eyes, if you do not cut the bangs of york - so that there is no infection and irritation. Dogs are bold, they will rush to pitbulls, etc. - all because of the inferiority complex. For this, too, need to follow.
But now draw a conclusion.

Answer No. 9:

Better than Spitz, yorkies are now in all

Answer No. 10:

Are Spitz and Yorkies dogs ?! No, it's not even a semblance, it's a perversion for dogs !!!!

Answer No. 11:

God, people, well, can not have a dog's hair !!!!! Hair, only in humans! !! And Yorks have a thin coat that looks like hair and is so vilely soiled, so they either need to be washed every 2-3 days or they will have enough time to wash the dirty "hair" of the Spitzas like icicles, just brush them once every 2 months, as well as cut it, comb it enough Once a week with proper feeding and cosmetics, they do not fall down (except for the places behind the ears and under the collar, but this is for all long-haired dogs) with yorkies more problems and sores they have more

Answer No. 12:

Spitz is very cute and beautiful in relation toYorkies my opinion is that they need the same care, but if you are going to start a breed, one of these Spitz is little suitable for children than Yorkie because the Yorkies are more patient with the children they are restrained here a couple of notes that will help if you want.

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