/ How to teach a puppy to a leash?

How to teach a puppy to leash?

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How to accustom the puppy to the collar, how to teach the puppy to the leash. Puppy on a leash

To teach a puppy to a collar and a leash is not a matterIt is more difficult to train a large puppy who is not used to a leash or a collar. But with the help of our advice, your puppy will get used to the collar and leash faster than you think.

A new leash on the neck of your puppy may not immediatelyHe and like it. It's natural, everything new and unknown to him is unusual. But, despite this, the puppy should be taught to the leash and the collar from an early age.

Mostly the puppy gets used to the collar for three,four days. But before that you will need to apply a little patience, because a puppy can immediately cause a protest against the collar. Put your collar first and even if it opens, you still have to do it. If he starts biting, "team fu" needs to pacify him.

After you put a collar on him, heOf course, you can start trying to remove it. This is a natural process, when it seems to be interfering with something, it becomes unusual. In order to distract his attention, take a toy or a stick and play with it. Even if he starts to take off the collar, you immediately start playing with it. Wear the collar twice a day and for twenty minutes, and then play with it. So as if he was distracted from the thought that he was wearing a collar. After a while he will stop reacting to it.

Note: If the dog begins to bite you while dressing the collar, try to keep yourself as tight as possible, while using the "Fu command".

How to teach your puppy to leash.

I think you will not have problems with teachingWearing a collar, and now we'll talk about the leash itself, it's more interesting. Leash should be used when the puppy is normal to treat the collar itself. When the puppy is already sporting in the collar and does not pay attention to it, simply attach the leash to the collar. Then you can try to walk with a leash. If the puppy rests and does not want to go, call him by the nickname and beckon to him. You can use bait as a treat for this. Encourage him every time he walks a little with you. Do two or three steps, and then praise again.

If he still does not want to follow you,Then beckon him with a toy, while holding a leash and, as it were, lead him gently with a leash playing with him. While you are playing with him you are easier to accustom him to the collar and leash. Yes, and do not forget that you can not pull a puppy behind you, just beckon.

At the age of up to 2 months the puppy should be trained to the leash without any jerks. If on the street little is obtained with a leash, then practice at home.

Since three months you already have to actively pullLeash in the event that the puppy does not want to follow you. So that your walk does not turn into a nightmare, you must make it go after you, because eating not always you lure your pet.

At the time of the walk, do not forget that he is not yet an adult dog, but only a puppy, so do not be too zealous with a leash, let him take a walk too.

Answer # 2:

Gradually, in the form of a game.

Answer # 3:

You can wear a collar and a lead at home and as written above for a treat in the form of a game to teach. Encourage when walking around the apartment side by side on a leash.

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I first put the collar on for a while,Then when they went out on the street the leash clung, by the way, on the street, the dog can easily carry the leash. At home on a leash will not be walking, just start shuffling it. Still afraid of a leash in the house, and does not like clothes. But as soon as everything is dressed, it is already standing near the door and paw scrubbing to release

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My dog ​​for a couple of weeks accustomed. Nothing complicated - just put a leash on the dog and go for a walk :) lead first at a short distance, then let go of it - in general, just walk longer and the leash will become a habit.

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