/ / Is there any dog ​​breeds of dachshund or husky and how do they keep a person I want to buy a thoroughbred dog

Does anyone have dogs of the Dachshund or Laika breed and how do they keep the service to a person I want to buy a thoroughbred dog

Answer # 1:

I have dachshunds for many years (20) ... Unlike a husky, it may well work as a "sofa dog" ...
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Answer # 2:

Husky and dachshunds refer to hunting dogs, what "service" is it about?

Answer # 3:

You did not compare yourself to the ... The dachshund is a normal dog, its profile is a fox, a badger and other normal animals, with a husky go for a bear, for an elk, for example ... A laika will not climb into the hole, but the dachshund will not go for a bear. Who are you going to hunt for?

Answer # 4:

Well kept, if used for their intended purpose-hunting

Answer # 5:

Service?)))) No one was going to hunt ... Dyk breed breed, and the dog itself and only on the basis of the breed will not do anything)))

Answer No. 6:

Hunting dogs breed hunters. They can not be kept just for your pleasure, in the apartment. Think carefully.

Answer No. 7:

What kind of service do you have in mind. These breeds are hunting

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