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Official standard breed Bullmastiff, characteristic, Kennel Club

There are several standards of bullmastiff. Bullmastiff is recognized as a breed by such organizations as NZKC, FCI, APRI, ACR, NKC, CKC, AKC, UKC, ANKC.

Each of these organizations forms its official Breed standard. In general, they are identical, only with insignificant differences.

Standard Kennel Club

General information Breed characteristic bullmastiff. Bullmastiff's combination combines high strength of mind, reliability, active endurance and alertness.

General form.Bullmastiff - a large, harmoniously built up dog, producing the impression of incredible strength, but not rudeness.

Head and skull.When viewed from either side of the skull by BullmastiffLarge, square format, the skin is tightly attached to it, but when the dog is excited or something is interested, it is covered with a lot of folds. The circumference of the skull (measured at the widest point, immediately in front of the ears) can be equal to the height of the dog at the withers. The skull is wide and deep, with well-defined cheekbones.

Bullmastiff's muzzle Short, along the length (from the nose to the pointTransition to the forehead) is approximately equal to one third of the length of the head (from the nose to the occiput). It is well filled under the eyes, the back of the nose is almost the same width all along (its edges are parallel to each other from the nose to the nose), blunt, as if cut, square format, forms a right angle with the forehead and at the same time proportional to the skull. The lower jaw is wide, not tapering to the chin. When viewed from the front, the nose of the nose is wide, with well-spaced and well-opened nostrils, and on the side - flat, not pointed and not upturned. Bears are not loose and do not hang over the edge of the lower jaw. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is well pronounced.

Official standard breed Bullmastiff, Kennel Club

Eyes Dark or nutty, medium in size, arranged in the width of the muzzle and separated by a groove.

Defects: Light or yellow eyes.

Ears Hanging, in the form of an isosceles triangle, and deployed posteriorly, set wide and high, at the occiput, giving the skull a square format, which is very important.

They should be small, colored darker than the main color. If the dog is alert or excited, the ends of the ears may be at the level of the outer corners of the eyes.
Defects: Ears such as "rose".

The mouth.The bite of the bullmastiff is straight, a close snack is allowed, although it is not welcomed. Fangs large, widely spaced. Teeth strong, linear.
Defects: Irregular location of the teeth.

Bullmastiff's neck Convex, medium length, very muscular, its circumference almost equal to the circumference of the skull.

Belt of forelimbs.Chest of bullmastiff wide, deep, lowLowered between forelegs, thorax deep. The shoulder blades are muscular, obliquely set and massive, but not loaded. Forelegs massive and straight, with strong bone, set wide, straight front. The pasterns are steep and strong.

Housing.The back is short and straight, providing a compact structure, but not excessively, otherwise the dog will be less active.
Defects: humpbacked and bent back.

Belt of hind limbs.The loins are broad and muscular, the groin is deep andHand made. Hindquarters are strong and muscular, especially in the shin area, which emphasizes the power and activity of the dog, but not rough. Angles of hocks are moderately expressed.
Defects: cow's limbs.

PawsSmall, round, arched (cat), pads hard.
Defects: loose feet.

Tail of bullmastiffPut high, strong at the base, tapers to the end, which reaches the hock. The dog carries it down or slightly lifts, but not like a hound.
Defects: Low-set tail, reminiscent of the winding handle.

Wool Short and hard to the touch, good weatherproof.
Defects: Long, silky to the touch or curly hair.

Bullmastiff color - any shade of clear and clear tones: Tiger, deer or red. A small white spot on the chest is allowed, but it is undesirable. Requires a dark mask on the face and around the eyes, giving the dog the proper expression, and dark claws.
Defects: white spots located on any part of the body, except for a small spot on the chest.

Weight and height. Height at withers: Male dogs - 63,5-68,5 centimeters, bitches - 61-66 centimeters. Weight: male - 50-59 kg, females - 41-50 kg. It should be borne in mind that the height of the dog at the withers should correspond to its weight. Particular attention should be paid to the strong constitution and activity of the animal.

Movement Serve as an indicator of the power and purpose of the dog. During movement, the limbs should not be tied or crossed. The right front and left hind legs should rise and fall at the same time, the back - stay straight, only then it will withstand the powerful repulsive force of the hind legs, providing balanced and harmonious movements.

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