/ / Cat or dog ??

Cat or dog ??

Answer # 1:

Cat and dogs))

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

A cat is better)

Answer # 5:

The dog!
Cats are useless ungrateful animals!
And the dogs are faithful and intelligent ...
But for some reason I love more cats)

Answer No. 6:

Of course the cat! :)

Answer No. 7:

Better centaur. And the man in the house, and the cattle in the household))))
And so kotopes)))

Answer No. 8:

The cat eats less and sneaks into the sandbox

Answer No. 9:

If you are a lazy person and you get up early in the morning, the cat

Answer No. 10:

It's only for you to choose, it's better than for you here "all sorts" will give advice

Answer No. 11:

The cat does not need to walk in the mornings and evenings and it does not stink and does not bark))) She does not need to wash her paws and train! I like cats more, and I also like dogs very much, but I do not really want to go home somehow

Answer No. 12:


Answer # 13:

For me, of course the dog! !! Is a friend, a guard, loyal and faithful, a sea of ​​positive and love. And the cats are for themselves hazyainy and all by themselves. But I also love them. And so you decide! How many people have so many opinions!

Answer # 14:

If there is no need to guard the house, then only a cat!

Answer No. 15:

If there is a possibility - both a cat and a dog!

Answer # 16:

Two cats.

Answer # 17:

3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 parrot and fish!

Answer # 18:


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