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How to train a puppy? Puppy 2 months.

Answer # 1:

Well, for starters, he should know his nickname wellAnd respond to it, train to the collar, try to walk at home on the lead (for a small puppy you do not need to take a long one) 1.5-2 meters will be enough, try to teach different commands to three months (sit, lie, etc.) Now you can learn the command "To me" about training look in the internet)

Answer # 2:

1. Always eat first. In the flock, the leader always eats first, and then animals
2.Always pass into narrow aisles and doors first
3. The boss must always win in the game. Playing with a dog or a puppy in a tug of war or another game related to wrestling and rivalry - always win.
4. Restricting movement around the house. You have the right to prohibit a dog from entering certain rooms.
5. Solve problems without postponing "for later". As soon as something does not suit you in the behavior of your dog - immediately look for a solution to the problem.
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Answer # 3:

There is also an antilay collar http: // grizunov-net.Ru / otpugivateli-sobak / osheyniki-antilay / antilay-q-817.html As soon as the puppy starts barking, the device generates an unpleasant sound. What makes it clear to the dog is that it is not necessary to bark for no reason.

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