/ How to teach a puppy to a leash? At what age do you teach and how?

How to teach a puppy to leash? At what age do you teach and how?

Answer # 1:

"Choose a long rope or from a durable,Braid leash, give the puppy a sniff and imperceptibly fastens to the collar. Then we must run away from the puppy, so that he runs after the owner with a dragging leash. After a long game unfasten the leash, and after a while fasten again. In a few days the puppy will get used to the leash and will not be afraid of it. Leash gradually shorten and, giving the puppy a treat, skip it on a leash, not allowing a puppy to bite or pull it. In no event should you use a leash to punish the puppy. "

The full answer to the second question I write is laziness (read the link http://kisapes.ru/dogs/training/304-teaching-your-puppy-basic-commands.html)
But briefly,
Start with the training to the nickname: often call the puppy, for example, when you give food, when ironing, playing; Learning to correctly respond to the nickname shown in the video
The next team can not be either fu, I still teach the team "on"
Further to sit, walk
Lying ...

By age, see for yourself how you learned one, you can teach the following
There are puppies who like to learn, there are lazy people who need to be actively motivated
Sometimes puppies do what they canIn a team, for example, when a village is singing, you can go to praise and doing so every time you fix a command (for this word the puppy will perform this action)

Answer # 2:

Wear a leash and forward, there are no problems as a rule, from the age of 4 months you will go to the dressing room and will teach the teams

Answer # 3:

Teach from the very first day you are.
Begin with the basics ("to me", "next", "to sit", "wait"), but also to load the puppy is not necessary.
With a leash, problems rarely happen. Fasten to the collar and walk.

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