/ / Who do you love more: dogs or cats and why?

Who do you love more: dogs or cats and why?

Answer # 1:

Dogs do not know how to lie.
Everyone talks as they are.
And if the tail of a flutter -
This is love, not flattery.
They do not have a back thought
In friendship, look for a calculation.
The dog will not betray either in life
Friend - will die soon!
Howls when we leave
We are on business.
There are many friends,
Ready to howl at us?
If the owner is sad,
The dog drags him a bone -
"On, crunchy, it's delicious!
From sadness should help.
Do not want? -Here are the slippers, the ball ...
What would you please? "
Heart your dog
He is ready to put to the feet!
"Thank you, my friend" - the answer
Ringing with happiness barking.
Maybe just for that?
Do all the dogs go to heaven? ...

Answer # 2:

Dogs, they are like people, almost like people

Answer # 3:

Cats and cats, I do not like dogs

Answer # 4:

Difficult question. I adore dogs and cats

Answer # 5:

I love both of them, dogs can be a little more

Answer No. 6:

I love only cats. More affectionate or something)

Answer No. 7:

I'm a cat-dog

Answer No. 8:

I love everybody) I have a cat and a york dog. They are both devoted and loving everyone:

Answer No. 9:

I can not say that I love all cats. I simply adore my own. I also like to take separately, but not all. Some particularly impudent simply can not stand and drive from the site. With dogs, relations are more difficult. I love only those that I already know personally, and of course, too, not all. Each animal has its own character, so I do not understand how you can love them all at once, just for the fact that it's a cat or a dog.

Answer No. 10:

There are those, and those, each attracts in its own way,Dog-devotion and ability to understand with a half-word, a cat - its independence and mystery. But the dogs are closer to me, they are easier for me somehow ... They really are almost like people.

Answer No. 11:

They have a different nature-beating dog with a stick of a master who will love more. The cat, too, lived for several millennia next to man and remained itself-not a slave of man, but a mistress herself.

Answer No. 12:

I like cats and dogs, but I have a cat who does not have to walk with her)

Answer # 13:

Cats-with character and do what they want themselves. Dogs are friends who do not care if you have money or not. And always ready to defend. Although they are good in their own way.

Answer # 14:

I have 13 cats

Answer No. 15:

I like dogs more, with them it is more interesting. They are closer to me.
I also like cats, but not like dogs)

Answer # 16:

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