/ / Which breed of dogs is most suitable for keeping in a 3-room apartment?

Which breed of dogs is most suitable for keeping in a 3-room apartment?

Answer # 1:

Get a dog either small or medium. . York, chihuahua, toy-poodle, Japanese hin, Russian toy, sharpei, etc. Here is the site on it there are names of rocks pictures description read http://dogsecrets.ru/

Answer # 2:

Do you choose a dog by the number of rooms in the apartment?

Answer # 3:

Oh, and every major good education and often walk a lot of attention and you will not even notice it

Answer # 4:

Any except perhaps Husky and those who every day have a lot of running around

Answer # 5:

Beaver or york, I have a beaver in a trash. Small, there is no smell of a dog, there is no molt. Very playful and funny dogs!

Answer No. 6:

For example, a boxer. It depends on how you look after

Answer No. 7:

The dog still depends on the number of rooms. In an apartment she eats and sleeps, and spends all her energy on the street. Here and choose a breed of physical activity, depending on how much time you can devote to walking.

NOT suitable for an apartment IMHO: Sledges, greyhounds, large for the protection of the territory (Alabai, Caucasian Shepherd Dog). But again, "not suitable" because very few people will be able to give them the necessary physical. Load. So that everything is relative.

Answer No. 8:

Basenji (grows up to 47 cm at the withers)
Basenji or African non-breeding dog (andCongolese bush dog, Congo forest dog, Congo-terrier, Nyam-nyam-terrier, Zande dog, "creature from thickets") is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. The history of the breed totals about 5000 years, the region of origin is central Africa. The uniqueness of the breed lies in the fact that its representatives do not bark, but they produce special sounds peculiar to the Basenji, similar to the rumbling, but they can be heard only when the dog is excited. Also feature of the breed are wrinkles on the forehead (with tinnitus) and a tightly twisted tail. Dogs of this breed do not smell and often wash their paws like cats.

Dogs that have stains in color and very similar toModern Dalmatians, were known even in ancient times, for example, archaeological excavations in Greece allowed to see a variety of paintings on which, along with people, depicted very similar to modern Dalmatians, dogs. And this means that the Dalmatians have existed for several millennia. A person who is going to start a four-legged friend of this breed should know that Dalmatians are quite active dogs that require heavy loads and long walks in the open air, so if you are not fond of long walks over long distances, you should get a different breed of dog .

Answer No. 9:

Pekingese. Affectionate handsome.

Answer No. 10:

York! It does not fade, has no smell, and in general it is an excellent breed!

Answer No. 11:

Why does no one suggest Chihuahua? This is a pretty, small, wonderful creature. I have, of course, chronic abstructive bronchitis on the coat, but I'm good at cats and dogs! =)

Answer No. 12:

Better certainly the little ones! For example, york, pug, dachshund.

Answer # 13:

Any, except for the gigantic guard (Caucasian, Asian, Kangal), Molossians, mountain dogs and hunting game (husky).
Best fit - poodles, terriers, different lap dogs, dachshunds, pomerons and pinscher - schnauzers.

Answer # 14:

Small dogs for an apartment will suit for example as a chihuahua, even on your hands you can wear it

Answer No. 15:

A small dog will be more comfortable than a large dog. With a large dog you will need to walk more and give more physical activity.

Answer # 16:

We should not look at the size of the apartment, but for the availabilityTime, which is planned to be allocated to the dog, and also for the presence of a place for walking. If you live in a stone bag, windows in a window, a bush near the entrance is called a greened territory, then an apartment of 200 squares will not help to keep an active dog that requires a full-fledged walk, rather than walking on a leash around the house.
I support the above-mentioned Komamanga and Doberman Beuyk Honym

Answer # 17:

Friends Newfoundland kept in a trash what's the difference how many rooms?

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