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How to train dogs?

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So, how to train a dog?
The first team to learn a puppy -This is his nickname. The dog's name is nothing more than a sound signal sent by the owner in order to attract the dog's attention. The name must be short, sonorous. You can not distort the nickname of the dog, you can not pronounce a nickname with threatening intonation and in no case, you can not repeat the name in front of each team, since this action accustoms the animal to respond to the command with an action only when the team and the nickname are combined.

The second thing you need to teach your dog, especially inUrban conditions - collar, leash, muzzle. Instruction should begin in puppy age with a collar, which is put on the dog. First the puppy will be dissatisfied, but very soon he will get used to the collar and will not notice it. When the dog calmly reacts to the collar, one can begin learning how to move freely on a leash. To begin with, you need to use an easy leash, long enough to not cause the animal discomfort. You can not allow a dog to play with a leash, chew it, nor should the animal be punished with a leash. Muzzle accustomed to the adult dog. Before you go out for a walk, the master must throw a muzzle into the muzzle and say "Muzzle" command to allow the dog to eat the treat. If the dog resists the muzzle, then it must be distracted by games, jogging, giving a treat through the muzzle. And gradually increase the time spent in the muzzle.

Basic Commands
The command "to me" is important for the citydogs. In order to teach the dog this team, you need to walk the dog on a long leash, give the command "To me! "And simultaneously pull the dog to him, then give her a treat, pat, praise. If the dog slowly approaches, it is possible to run away from it, and gently pulling the leash, repeating the command to show the delicacy. You can not often pronounce the dog's name, you can not use pain stimuli, the dog begins to be afraid to approach the owner. As the dog begins to delve into what it wants, you can increase the distance from the dog, develop a team in different places and at different times of the day.

The team "Fu" is developed in order toStop unwanted actions of the dog. To get used to this command, you need to pick up a site with irritants, the dog should be on a long leash. When a dog tries to attack a stimulus, the owner should give the command "Fu! "And pull the leash. It is important to remember that the leash force of the leash must match the size of the dog. Once the dog stops taking undesirable actions, you need to praise her and give him a treat. Do not strongly pull the leash and use a strict collar.

Here are the basic commands that you need to know the dog that will live in the city. But the owner can independently teach the animal and the rest of the teams, there would be a desire.

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Very simply, reinforcement of desired actions and suppression of undesirable

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At the cynologist ...

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Drive to dresuru and to the cynologist!

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You can sign up for training courses, but you can andMost, in this there is nothing complicated, the main thing is patience and desire! Of course, depending on which teams you want to teach him ... Sit, lie, voice, ask and even search! You can teach yourself

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Consistently and in a friendly manner

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In one day such a question is not solved.
I have been working in professional cynology for 18 years, and every time I find new methods of training.
Each dog requires a certain method of dressing.

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To begin with, you need to read books about training and raising dogs, you can start with semi-documentary, for example, with Ryabinin B. "My friends" or Nekhaev V. "Educate yourself for a friend."

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We invite you to visit the free on-line seminar on training dogs

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Training, this is a very important matter, mostWithout the necessary knowledge, it will be very difficult to train a dog, therefore, I need a specialist's advice, advice is that, my neighbor for example on the video learns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1tvhHyO86I while everything turns out, but it's also from The dog depends, not only on the owner

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