/ / I'm going to buy a dog (German Shepherd) whom to choose? A bitch or a dog and why?

I'm going to buy a dog (German Shepherd) whom to choose? A bitch or a dog and why?

Answer # 1:

You decide for yourself WHAT you need a dog for... If there is no experience in this breed, I advise the bitch of the breeders with a stable psyche ... For me, the psyche is above all ... Naturally, it would be very good to see the puppy's parents (if, of course, the puppy is not from the traveling mating), ask about the presence of kerunga and pictures of dysplasia from parents ... More: every puppy has his own temperament - like every person ... Choose your puppy in such a way that your temperaments match - so that the dog "suits you in spirit" ... My both German women are dominant hard, sometimes bitchy dogs - but I can not imagine others next to me ...

Answer # 2:

Better than a male. They are more obedient.

Answer # 3:

Both the boy and the girl are equally obedient. But, the girl can have descendants and they also need supervision! This is your choice!

Answer # 4:

Flock of dogs at certain times will gather under the gates (if on the street). But they are more evil than males.

Answer # 5:

Nea, bitches are more obedient. All the problems: a couple of weeks every half a year to pick up the males from the bitch. Males are more aggressive and months since 6-7 are constantly sexually preoccupied

Answer No. 6:

I have a dog, and he obeys, does not snap,Although it happens that he is foolish, but this is during the game, because he is 6 months old. But the bitches are not bad either. See for yourself, males are slightly larger than bitches. In general, if you love and educate, then no matter who.

Answer No. 7:

Better bitch! Bitches more compliant are more obedient. The males themselves understand the more pugnacious! We all advised the bitch at the dog-breeding club!

Answer No. 8:

All depends on what conditions you live in. The girl's estrus every six months, blood, males to smell ... On the vygulu if quickly the girl went to the toilet, and the dog needs more time to sweep the district. On training is ambiguous. Blow it down so if you have the right to choose, then take a more balanced puppy in the psyche, this is the most important question than a male or female. If there is something to choose from, be guided by an inner feeling. Wool on clothes and furniture will be from both full.

Answer No. 9:

My personal opinion, the truth in the lastThe authorities do not pretend that it is better to get a male into a man, they need a firm hand and a good upbringing. A woman gets along better with the girl. Although everywhere there are exceptions.

Answer No. 10:

In general, obedience will depend only on you. Parenting is also just from you. With the bitch is easier to walk - if you need to jump out urgently and have no time for a walk - she does everything faster. And with the dog until everything is bypassed and not marked. I have a bitch. But regardless of gender, they are all incredibly smart, if they feel their need for the owner. Generally, however that may be, the breed is not the easiest. I got it when I got it. And the hind legs, and feeding ... My insanely loves the eldest daughter, she loves so much that this summer, because of her, she fell into a car under the car - fie-fie-fie - got a fracture, now we do not even limp anymore. In general, sheep dogs are very flexible and smart. Only here bitches decently become raspy to three years. Not only does my dog ​​try to bark on dogs passing by, but many of our familiar sheepdogs behave the same way. I do not rule out that this is my cant. Because the dog was spoiled. They passed OKD, passed the certification and calmed down. As if we know the teams, and behave well, and we love everyone, but there are mistakes. But the familiar males are very calm and reserved))) Maybe they, like people, women are more talkative)))

Answer No. 11:

If for protection in a country house, it is better to get Alabai. A lot of information about the CAO breed:

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