/ / Who is better to get a rodent, dog or cat?

Who is better to have a rodent, dog or cat?

Answer # 1:

Dog and do not listen to those who say that TipoYou can not have a dog in an apartment. They do not give themselves an account of what they write, there are special breeds such as: Spitz, Yorki, Chihuahua, all these breeds for keeping in the apartment. And someone in general in the apartment of the husky holds and there is nothing. So I'm for the dog :)

Answer # 2:

Teddy bear

Answer # 3:

Get a poodle

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

The cow!
Still, the milk will always be yours, fresh ...)

Answer No. 6:

To the dog

Answer No. 7:

Lusha of all three. The pleasure will be indescribable))))

Answer No. 8:

Dogs Rodents live very little It's a pity when you'll get used to it and die. We have a pig for 5 years lived and died.

Answer No. 9:

Chicken :) I now want a ferret.

Answer No. 10:

The one who you like. But I will say that if you live in an apartment, then a cat and / or a rodent, If in a house, then a dog and a cat. But I do not strongly advise rodents, they do not have a special mind and live very little. These are my advice, but you do what you know.

Answer No. 11:

To the dog, they are so devoted and the owner loves.

Answer No. 12:

All domestic animals who give their products, as well as rabbit, have good income and high quality meat.

Answer # 13:

At me here a cat, a snail and a hamster in general all is excellent or different.
I advise you to have it, no problem.
But I can advise a dog, a great friend.

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