/ / Dog training. Are there courses for non-pedigreed dogs in general anywhere?

Dog training. Are there courses for non-pedigreed dogs in general anywhere?

Answer # 1:

For training, the breed does not matter. Go to the site or look for an instructor, agree, do. The only reason they can ask about the breed is to put in a group of approximately the right temperament, age, size, but it is not necessary.
I perfectly went to the courses with my absolutely mongrel dog.

Answer # 2:

No matter what kind of breed, the main desire.

Answer # 3:

On the training courses take all the dogs regardless of the breed.

Answer # 4:

Dog training is OKD (General Training Course) you will find in your city whether there are schools for the training of dogs, call and go there, all the dogs are trained there regardless of the breed!

Answer # 5:

At any training courses does not matter whether a thoroughbred dog or not, it is the owner's decision whether or not to pass this or that course.

Answer No. 6:

If the mongrel dog conditions are created: A dog without a chain, normally eats, grafts during the time, receives an ACTIVE exercise, a veterinary passport is entered into her; The owner has a good equipment for training (the collar is soft, the leashes short and long), the delicatessen always has a treat. For training the owner pays on general terms. That kindly ask on a general basis and in the group of EDUCATIONAL PUPPYING of puppies and in the group of MEMBERS in Pyatigorsk to the dog-breeding club "Maksimych"

Answer No. 7:

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Come - everyone is happy!

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