/ How to feed a Doberman puppy? How to bring him up? What to do so he does not whine?

How to feed a Doberman puppy? How to bring him up? What to do so he does not whine?

Answer # 1:

Puppies of any breed aged from 1 to 2 months
It is necessary to feed every 3 hours.

For this age, the variety in feeding is very important.
Once a week, the puppy should be given a raw chicken egg.
Daily monthly puppies should be fed with fresh or boiled vegetables.
Vegetables are served in the form of mashed potatoes or in a crushed condition.
Vegetables can not be neglected, since it contains in its composition
A lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

It is recommended that small puppies give meat in a crushed form
Or scrolled through a meat grinder.
Fish baby is given only in a boiled form and in a purified form.
Porridge (Hercules, wheat, etc.) on meat broth.
Cottage cheese with milk (main drink).

Answer # 2:

Read forum forums, there are many useful

Answer # 3:

Meat fresh meat with fresh meat

Answer # 4:

Normal healthy dogs weighing less than 23 kgCan use quality dry, semi-dry and canned food. Adult Dobermans, whose weight exceeds 23 kg, should be given quality dry food, which helps prevent gum disease and dog teeth and prevent obesity in large dogs.

So as not to whine? You can not stop him here.
Raise as any fighting dog: sit, stand, lie, etc., etc.
If you gnaw wire buy in the store Antiigrizin.

Answer # 5:

A dobermann puppy at the age of one month is fedUp to 6 times a day, distributing 100-250 grams of meat, 400-500 ml of milk, 70-100 grams of cereals, yolks of one chicken egg, 100-150 grams of cottage cheese, 130-150 grams of vegetables.
2-3-month-old puppy is fed 3-4 times, gradually increasing the amount of food: meat per 100 grams, cereals and vegetables by 50 grams. And only the consumption of milk should decrease by 100 ml.
By the fifth month of the puppy fed 2-3 times a day, giving 500-600 grams of meat, 200 grams of cereals, a full chicken egg, 150 grams of vegetables (usually cabbage), 200 grams of cottage cheese and 500 ml of milk.
By the year, the daily diet is gradually increasing to700 grams of meat (once a week - 750-800 grams of fish), 300-400 grams of cereals, 500 grams of cottage cheese and 350-400 grams of vegetables. So as not to whine put him in a hat-earflap or put it in his bed. To educate by the method of "encouragement-punishment" in accordance with his actions

Answer No. 6:

At me now the puppy of a staff. I feed children's food 1st choise (for the appropriate size and age), mushrooms on a meat broth and vitamins.
Educate ... There is much literature. The main thing is to consolidate the right of the leader. One simple rule needs to be remembered - the main thing is you, you do everything first. Games - develop in the dog almost everything, so even training from the part should be in the game.

My first two nights he howled, now he stays in the room and does not make any sounds. It will get used to the times.

Answer No. 7:

And to the breeder to turn not an option? If not an option, go at least to the pedigree forum. [Link is blocked by the decision of the project administration] as an option.

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