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What breeds of dogs do you prefer?

Answer # 1:

Husky good yes all good and here's a story aboutSiberian Husky is a breed of dogs, a factory specialized breed, obtained by American cynologists in the 30s of the 20th century as a sled dog with aboriginal dogs from the Russian Far East, mainly from Anadyr, Kolyma, Kamchatka, which belonged to the local settled seaside tribes - the Yukagirs, Kereks and Asian Eskimos, mistaken for the Chukchi (Chukchi - reindeer herders) [2]. This aboriginal sled dog of the Russian Far East is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Currently, the breed "Siberian Husky" is used not only as a sled, but also as a companion dog and show dog.

Answer # 2:

Spitz likes it.

Answer # 3:

German Shepherds are the best!

Answer # 4:

Yorkshire Terrier! !! ADORE!!!!

Answer # 5:

Husky and Chihuahua)

Answer No. 6:

Husky, Mini Spitz)

Answer No. 7:

Husky, pugs, dachshunds, that terriers, Spitz.

Answer No. 8:

German Shepherd Dogs

Answer No. 9:


Answer No. 10:

Their dogs - CAO, Rottweiler and that

Answer No. 11:

Big ... like a Bouvier, but I have Scotch tape, because in the apartment do not turn around

Answer No. 12:

Predominantly small breeds, love york, the second dog I want Spitz :)

Answer # 13:

Newfoundln, Collie, Siberian Husky, Shit-Tsu, But ShitsuVery fragile I can rip out eyeball Yablako if you do not want tormented lutche not to take, Sembernard, Samoyed dog, Bullmastich The biggest and largest dogs of these dogs I have houses I want to say they are all very clever capable !!!

Answer # 14:

Any YARD !!!

Answer No. 15:

Caucasians and Huskies and Yorkies

Answer # 16:

Husky, Aussie, Germans

Answer # 17:

Canario Press

Answer # 18:


Answer No. 19:

Soldiers. Pete is the best !!!!

Answer # 20:

Maltese (Maltese Bolognese). I have such

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