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What breed of dog is better than a Labrador or Doberman

Answer # 1:

Labrador. At me at the Labradorchik) Small when stupid is sensitive, but he is very good-natured. When he grows up he becomes a clever dog, who later becomes a best friend)))

Answer # 2:

The factory is uniquely

Answer # 3:

Both are awesome.

Answer # 4:

On an amateur, Labrador is smarter and prettier

Answer # 5:

Labrador home, doberman service.

Answer No. 6:

Labrador, of course)))

Answer No. 7:

It's looking for what you need a dog. If for protection, then Doberman. The Labrador is smart, but not a guard.

Answer No. 8:

That and that. Both are beautiful. But also to that that is pleasant.

Answer No. 9:

Labrador is a dog that loves everyone counter and transverse, not a guard.
Doberman is a full service dog.
Mind is an individual quality that does not depend on the breed.

Answer No. 10:

They are completely different.
If you need a companion dog, ready to love the whole world, play with the children, walk after the owner and wag the tail, climb to caress to anyone you meet, it's to a labrador.
If you need a service dog that can protect the owner and his house, then this is for the Doberman. Doberman is wary of strangers, does not like to be constantly pulled and do not give rest.

It is useless to compare them. Labrador is a touching lout, adoring affection and fellowship. Doberman is a serious dog, aimed at constant work.

Labrador can be raised without difficulty and experienceHimself. If you make mistakes, then there will be problems, but rather it will be problems for the dog itself: there will be garbage, pull on a leash, climb to passers-by, run away.
With dobermann, most likely, you just have toPass OKD (and ZKS, if you want to get a defender). Without constant work and loads, they begin to go crazy, they can try to dominate the house or rush to people on the street. Doberman needs a master leader who always keeps the situation under control. Plus, dobermann needs to move and run a lot.

Answer No. 11:

These are two so different breeds that they can not even be compared! You do not choose by appearance, but by character and working qualities. Read about each breed, immediately decide.

Answer No. 12:

And which car is better: a truck or a car? Your question in this series ... At least indicated the purpose of acquiring a dog ....

Answer # 13:

I would not compare They have a completely different type of nervous activity Dobermans dogs are nervous, need good training

Answer # 14:

There is no better or worse dog, they are all wonderful. Decide what purpose you need a dog for.

Answer No. 15:

For the hundredth time I tell you. Before you take a puppy, read about this breed to begin with.

Answer # 16:

Labrador there is no figure .. Doberman neurasthenic. Retriever handsome.

Answer # 17:

Labrador retriever

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