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Feed bullmastiff and paddock, training. Aging

This is a very interesting period of the dog's life, starting from the age when you already have an almost grown-up, fully developed dog and yet partly a puppy.

It would seem a paradox, but it's absolutely true. The dog is already quite capable to stand up for itself and for you if necessary.

Bullmastiff has learned to accurately execute your commands,Understand what you want from him, even when no team sounds, and it is quite certain to divide people into their own and others', that is, those to whom the owners are well treated, those to whom they do not belong, and those to whom they belong Negatively. In any case, the dog no longer stops observing any of the identified categories of people.

On the other hand, it continues to be very playful and immediate. It is interesting to note that with different family members, dogs have different games.

At this age the dog is already, of course, very strong. She herself begins to feel this, and she begins to show some kind of patronizing attitude towards children. Careful, attentive, but a little patronymic. And all this with a completely insane love for them.

Feeding bullmastiff

Feeding should already be defined more orLess definitively, and the diet should not undergo special changes. The process of feeding does not contain any pampering. Twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) the appropriate amount of food - that's all. And more food can usually be given at night. It is believed that, despite the entire evolution of the species, the dog has not moved far from its ancestor - a wolf or a jackal. And one and the other can hunt around the clock, but, mostly, these animals are nocturnal.

Old bullmastiff with chihuahuaBullmastiff smiles

With two and a half years of dog breed BullmastiffIt is considered quite adult, fully developed and ripe. Now approximately to 5.5-6 years will continue the period of life, which can be called the "flowering" of the dog. After six years, the aging of the animal will gradually begin. To great regret, we must admit that dogs of breed Bullmastiff basically do not live long.

Aging Bullmastiff

Unfortunately, as already noted,Bullmastiffs start to grow old early. It occurs approximately in 6-6,5 years. And although the dogs themselves do not notice how aging begins, but the external manifestations are quite obvious to the owners. There are inevitable problems with the joints (age plus the dog is heavy in itself), the work of the stomach is disrupted. Subsequently, the kidneys often begin to ache, and then, naturally, the heart.

The average age of the dogs is 8-10 years. Very rarely Bullmastiff survives to 12 years.

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