/ / Which breed of dogs (according to your experience) is the smartest? ? Do not just download text from Wikipedia. In my experience.

Which breed of dogs (according to your experience) is the smartest? ? Do not just download text from Wikipedia. In my experience.

Answer # 1:

DEPENDS HOW YOU MAKE YOURSELF YOUR DOG !!!! And there is no specific breed of the most intelligent, it's just stupid to ask because, as the proverb says, every frog praises his swamp ....

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Wild coyote (jackal).

Answer # 4:

In my sheltie, I saw very intelligent dogs of this breed. They perform a huge variety of tricks and numbers. And of course the border collie, too, on own experience was convinced :)
About Doberman and Rottweilers can not say anything, I was not very familiar with the breed. It seems to me that for every person, your dog is the smartest.

Answer # 5:

German shepherd and pooch.

Answer No. 6:

I do not know, I did not have any stupid dogs and did not seem to meet, but the owners were not very clever.

Answer No. 7:

Nemka and Jackie

Answer No. 8:


Answer No. 9:

The first place in the mind is taken by Border Collie

Answer No. 10:

I believe that this question has no answer, soAs all dogs are smart. There are some features of certain breeds, some are easier to learn, some are harder, but it does not depend on the mind, but on the characteristics of the psyche, the purpose of the breed, etc. I used to have a Newfoundland, I thought that the intellect This dog is higher than many people. Now I have corgi and I see that his mind and wit is simply higher than the highest.
And so, of course, every owner will answer that his dog is the smartest and that's right. The breed is not important, because, as they say, how much you put in a dog, so much from it and get it.

Answer No. 11:

For me, this is my German Shepherd. Familiar with a very clever English. Cocker spaniel, he knows oooooochen a lot, even what he was not taught.

Answer No. 12:

To me in character and level of learningLike - Doberman, Bull Terrier and Alabai, I have the same attitude with these breeds and it's easier for me to work with them. When I do nataska for me smarter than husky, but there's a dog you just need to direct, if me with a husky OKD were forced to pass I would have shot myself. Many praise for the mind of poodles, but personally I do not see great intellect in them - I have two poodles now, and they create more hassle for me. Those same Alabai with a half-word grasp.

Answer # 13:

Masturbate (judging by its own, it is more intelligent than somePedigree will be), German Shepherd and of course, BEI))) And the border collie. The cleverest in my opinion, although the dogs are different, there's certainly no way to say) every dog ​​is intelligent in its way and there are no stupid dogs.

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