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Which breed is the smartest?

Answer # 1:

There are no clever and stupid dogs, there are inexperienced owners. As a dog you will bring it up so it will go through life.

Answer # 2:

Shepherd Dogs

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

From the women?

Answer # 5:

Shepherd - The most intelligent and beautiful dog

Answer No. 6:

East European Shepherd

Answer No. 7:

All dogs are smart :)

Answer No. 8:

Everybody has the most intelligent breed, for example, Doberman. And just do it if you look in the internet then the border collie.

Answer No. 9:

Border collie - in the first place in mind

Answer No. 10:

The idea is universally recognized as the most intelligent breedIs a border collie, it's the fastest type of memory. But much depends on the education of the owner, if he managed to teach the dog a lot of things, introduced it to the largest possible number of everyday situations and the way of "twisting" out of them, managed to establish contact with the dog and managed to interest her, then she will be clever, No matter what kind of breed she has

Answer No. 11:

But if so: "which nation is the most intelligent?"
Stupid is not it? ?
How to teach a dog, so it will be developed!

Answer No. 12:

If it's a small dachshund, and if it's a big German shepherd or a cocker spaniel

Answer # 13:

There are no stupid dogs, all smart. Well for me, mongrels and sheep dogs are the smartest

Answer # 14:

In my opinion the most intelligent simple "nobles." In the end, they are the product of natural selection.

Answer No. 15:

Border Collie. But it seems to me that once I saw poochs as a dog standing at a pedestrian crossing, a mongrel of cars was not only rare, but she stood, then the green light caught the traffic lights for pedestrians, and she went, and people ran to the red one.

Answer # 16:

Alabai, they are very big, and smart, and of course defenders! Although they will leave for 5 years they will remember you, and when you come they will be glad to you!

Answer # 17:

The cleverest breed for memorizing teams isBorder Collie. According to studies conducted by scientists from the University of British Columbia under the leadership of Stanley Koren (English), border collie is the most intelligent dog among all breeds.
And there already as you will bring up, if there is time, thenAny breed can be taught everything, but spend a little more time. Here already depends on the owner. A good owner, any breed, poochs including, will be obedient and devoted dog.

Answer # 18:

And who is smarter than Masha or Nastya? God, all the dogs are smart, beside these questions.

Answer No. 19:

East European Shepherd Dogs

Answer # 20:


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