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How to feed a Dolmatian puppy?

Answer # 1:

Puppies of any breed aged from 1 to 2 months
It is necessary to feed every 3 hours.

For this age, the variety in feeding is very important.
Once a week, the puppy should be given a raw chicken egg.
Daily monthly puppies should be fed with fresh or boiled vegetables.
Vegetables are served in the form of mashed potatoes or in a crushed condition.
Vegetables can not be neglected, since it contains in its composition
A lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

It is recommended that small puppies give meat in a crushed form
Or scrolled through a meat grinder.
Fish baby is given only in a boiled form and in a purified form.
Porridge (Hercules, wheat, etc.) on meat broth.
Cottage cheese with milk (main drink).

Answer # 2:

A food for puppies as well as all other puppies.

Answer # 3:

The Dalmatian puppy needs to be corrugated by what the breeder ate-so with all the questions first to the breeder

If the dog is certainly bought

Answer # 4:

There are two options for dry food for puppies proPlan, natural, doge chow, royal do not get out there even a little bit of meat is not there, in pedigri, the nightmare is our nightmare, it jerked from it, or natural milk rice pancakes + vitriti vitamins in drops of 2 per day, but this is only with natural cigarettes, and 1 tablet Calcium in a day with any of the ways

Answer # 5:

And I would be natural, a calcined cheese,Kefir is not fat, ryazhenka, meat, kashki, vegetables, you can fish of sea breeds, also boiled, not fatty and vitamin for puppies. And vegetables can and should be, both in raw and in boiled form

Answer No. 6:

Milk with honey. Kashki different, boiled meat with vegetables, and do not feed dry food if you do not want to have problems with the health of the puppy !!

Answer No. 7:

You can feed ready-made feeds orNatural milk (porridge in milk, cottage cheese ..) Up to two months of the puppy fed - 6 times a day (every three, three and a half hours), from two to four months - 5 times a day (every four hours), from four to six Months - 4 times a day, from six to ten months of age the puppy is fed 3 times a day. Starting at 10 months, they switch to two-time feeding, as for an adult dog (morning and evening). The puppy should always have access to a bowl of clean water. Eliminate sweet, salty, fatty, spicy, smoked, hot and very cold food from the pet's diet, as well as:
Raw river fish (boiled sea can be);
Tubular bones, because they are not digested by the dog's body and can cause constipation, curvature of the intestines;
Sausages, ham, smoked products, pork and fat mutton;
In the dog food can not add spices: pepper, bay leaf, hot tomato sauce and. Td
The main indicator that you are correctFeed your puppy - it's a healthy kind of hair, lack of dandruff, cheerful mood and excellent, well-formed feces. One of the basic rules for feeding a puppy is to comply with the feeding regime. (Vetprofi.ru)

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