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How to tame a dog to more complex commands

Answer # 1:

A dog is itself a tamed species =))

Answer # 2:

To what?

Answer # 3:

For example - bring slippers? Or what?

Answer # 4:

It is better to give a professional. To the filmologists. Can spoil

Answer # 5:

Depending on how, Timur. I taught my fellow at the age of seven to distinguish between sides (right-left). Main thing is patient and logical behavior with YOUR side.

Answer No. 6:

Cheese, we started to teach our in 6 months)

Answer No. 7:

How to tame to simple? So it's complicated, but it just takes more time, more repetitions. Do not use long words when memorizing.

Answer No. 8:

Just start it! We must ask the dog loudly but tender team, and show her what to do, for the first time she will not do anything, but it is still necessary to reward her with her favorite dish but something so that she quickly eats! Do not give her a whole feast because the dog will not understand that this feast is her reward! And just do and do, and she will remember the phrase of a complex team and will do it!

Answer No. 9:

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