/ / Which dog is better to take - Staffordshire Terrier or Rottweiler?

What kind of dog is better to take - Staffordshire Terrier or Rottweiler?

Answer # 1:

Depends on what a dog is for. Staff is a companion and absolutely not a guard. Rottweiler - service dog, guard and defender. But with any dog ​​it is necessary to be engaged in training, that subsequently there were no problems.

Answer # 2:

Always surprised such questions. It is not surprising that then adult animals are on the street.

Answer # 3:

Which then it is not a pity to throw.

Answer # 4:

Answer the main question: What is OKD ??? You do not know, do not have a single dog, whether it's a Chihuahua, a Pomeranian, or a German dog, a Doberman.

Answer # 5:

Counter question, but for what purpose do you need a dog? When we breed a serious breed, we can assume that a person knows what is going on. But once asked such a question, it turns out, no, he does not know .... It's sad.
Here, they too, when they were not led from a great mind, what is their fault? ?


Answer No. 6:

Staffs are more easily trained.

Answer No. 7:

This is looking at how you will take care of it,How much will attention be surprised, because the dog is not a toy this time, and in the second it is a serious breed, but I would choose the staff first is my favorite breed, secondly it is easier to train, in the third it is less, in the third, Smell, but it's a serious breed, but the Rottweiler is not worse than BUT, and not better because it's more, it sheds, it's howling (well, that's love for any dog) and training is just like that, just if you're a girl you'll be more comfortable with staf, it's smaller and weaker And if the guy then there is no difference, good luck with the choice *

Answer No. 8:

Take the Rottweiler, only the bitch, the male dog requires a severe male hand in the upbringing ...

Answer No. 9:

Both breeds are not easily brought up, but AmstaffEasier to obey, but Rottweiler is easier to train, Amstaff is much more energetic, would not say that the Rottweiler is stronger, sometimes even on the contrary, the Rottweiler loves to guard and seeks reasons (so it's possible not to be completely sure of his dog), but Amstaff can easily succumb to provocation From the side of other dogs (which also does not give full confidence in their dog) ...

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