/ / If dogs can bark and bark, why not say? They understand everything! ?

If dogs can bark and bark, why do not they say? They understand everything! ?

Answer # 1:

They communicate with each other or give a signalOther people. They understand a set of letters, and only, and sense is caught only by its relation to this set of letters. "The voice apparatus of the dog, unfortunately, is not made for speech, but every patient can say a variety of sounds - barking, snarling, howling and performing the command" Voice "- and the patient host is able to teach the dog some words and even phrases. All bobikam and watchdogs manage to pronounce the mother or yum-yum "How to teach a dog to speak" can be found on the site at the source. And here, there is not exactly written, not every pet can bark, Bassenji, for example, howl)) And to learn in detail why dogs still do not talk humanly, read here: http://otvet.mail.ru / Question / 68579474.

Answer # 2:

They just say) You just do not understand their language. Why?

Answer # 3:

They have a mouth and tongue are not capable of articulation, and therefore can not speak. And it's good, otherwise they would say such a thing ...

Answer # 4:

Speech center they do not, and even the jaw, the larynxNot suitable to speak humanly. Do you really need to explain this? And not all of them understand, they just learned to determine the approximate meaning of what you are saying.

Answer # 5:

And why do not you speak Chinese? You understand everything and know how to speak!
And dogs do not understand the words, they feel only a change in mood! And Sitting and so on, this is taught to dooo

Answer No. 6:

Aircraft - fly! And why can not we ?!

Answer No. 7:

Yes there are dogs ... From my mother-in-law, too, you will not have a good word ...; - (! ... all barking yes growls, and when he eats grunts and in a dream wheezes like a rhinoceros sick asthma ... :-))

Answer No. 8:

Dogs can not understand everything))) They can learn to understand the connection with the word-action, and intonation, no more.))

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