/ / What is the cost of German Shepherd puppies with and without documents?

What is the cost of German Shepherd puppies with and without documents?

Answer # 1:

In addition to the documents for the price of puppies, theirQuality: the pet class (only for the house, for exhibitions and breeding is unsuitable), the breed class (suitable for breeding, but not the brightest representatives of the breed), show class (very promising for exhibitions and breeding).
Puppies without documents, no price. The buyer will not receive any guarantee that he will grow a German shepherd, and not a patio court yard. To participate in exhibitions with a dog will also not be possible. Tolerance will not be allowed. For the psyche and working qualities no one will vouch: parents are not known how to choose. So, you can request any money, but not everyone will buy such puppies. Therefore, they ask for a little - 10 thousand (this is just the ceiling). Sometimes they donate too.
Puppies with documents stand differently. Again, the class of puppies, titles of parents, the brand of the nursery, working qualities (breeding line). On average, 20-30 thousand is cheaper, there is more.

Answer # 2:

You banned Google?

Answer # 3:

Look in the search engine.

Answer # 4:

Puppy with documents = breed - from 20.000
Puppy without documents = mongrel - from 0 р.

Answer # 5:

Without documents it is better not to take ... You can buy a cross between a purebred puppy ...

Answer No. 6:

The approximate price of a puppy without documents from 2 000 to 8 000, and with documents from 10 000 to 60 000, but in your case it will not be possible to make puppies a pedigree and have to sell the puppies for about 5 000

Answer No. 7:

Risk - a noble cause :-) on avito, look, without documents, from five to eight thousand rubles.

Answer No. 8:

Free of charge. With a rodukha-from 10-15 thousand and more

Answer No. 9:

From 10-15 thousand and more

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