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How many dogs live "Husky" I want to have Husk

Answer # 1:

Husky Country of Origin: RussiaRust: 53 - 60 cm (male); 50 - 56 cm (female) Weight: 20 - 28 kg (male); 15 - 23 kg (female) The content of the apartment: not recommendedDuration of life: 12 - 15 years Good: for experienced owners

Answer # 2:

Husky is a complex dog, she needs education, walks (about five hours a day), they are very active and do not like to be alone.

Answer # 3:

Everyone wants to have huskies because of her beauty. And the fact that it's a sled dog, which needs to be given DAILY for a kilometer load, to run, load, discharge its energy, nobody realizes. The houses are set up, then they are horrified by the smashed apartment, which is eaten in the furniture chips and does not know what to do. And it is very difficult to raise her. Yes, and go to training courses-no-no, why do we need it? We need to drive beauty on a leash and no more

Answer # 4:

Huskies live to 15 years on average. Although, a friend of 17 years lived, though the dog has already become quite bad in recent years: I have not seen almost, I have not heard well.
Another problem with the longevity of the husky is that they do not tolerate anesthesia very well. If you have to undergo anesthesia surgery, especially an adult dog, the life span may drop dramatically to 10 years.
The breed is very active, poorly toleratedLoneliness (that's why houses can pogrom arrange). Training requires serious, if you want to be able to release the dog from the leash. The breed is friendly to people, not aggressive towards other dogs (although, there are also conflicts, especially between males). But they are painfully independent: they like to run around in big circles, they like to get into the ponds, they can fall into the carrion, do not mind hunt (on the mice-voles, for example). They have a great flair - they can follow the trail of some rabbit or squirrel in the forest or run after the bitch.
Husks really do not like monotony. This is the main difficulty in training. If you work out a team, repeat it many times, then the husky can get bored. The dog will begin to pretend that you are not hears and does not understand. Therefore, you need to alternate teams, play with Huskies. The main goal is to make sure that the husky begins to listen to your words. They have a well developed own consideration, they like to analyze everything. This is not the kind of dog that will be told to lie in a puddle, jump into the window or climb the roof, and she is happy for the sake of the owner to try. Huskies will think 10 times more: whether it is necessary to do this, how dangerous it is and why it is needed.
Husky by nature - this is something in between a wolf and a cat. Very noble, playful (but when they themselves want it), loving the master, but not ready to cringe.
The owner needs them active, sporty, a little reckless (adventurer), but at the same time insistent.

Answer # 5:

Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Answer No. 6:

Why do you need this dog? Appearance, yes, beautiful, but in a bad situation the dog can not protect you, for it is a friendly dog, with a clean and big heart. Yes, and care for her complex. If you live in an apartment in general FORGET! A dog of this breed needs a lot of space! Get a staff or pitbull - the exterior is bright, but they are very peaceful and unbearable nannies)

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And it does not matter, the main thing is that he would rejoice you all his life, and you would gladden him, of course, you want them to live forever and love us because we love them !!))

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