/ / At the dog vomiting Recently, the dog pukes (yellow)

At the dog vomiting Recently, the dog pukes (yellow)

Answer # 1:

As is known, diarrhea and vomiting in a dog canDiffer among themselves on the symptoms and, accordingly, the reasons it caused. So, very often dog breeders get into situations when their pet starts to vomit bile. It goes without saying that the owner tries to help the dog and relieve her of the anguish. First, it is necessary to understand the causes that cause this kind of vomiting.
• It's no secret that dogs like to useFood fresh green grass, but for what they do it? Most often, pets resort to the help of green grass, when they have problems with digestion. In order to remove from the stomach adverse substances, they just chew the grass. Thus, the release of harmful products will be accompanied by bile vomiting. This factor must necessarily lead to the idea of ​​prompt treatment of the stomach of the pet, since elimination of vomiting in this case will help only treatment of the main problem - a sick stomach.
• Vomiting in the dog with bile may be caused andUse of processed products. It's no secret that many people are not able to eat synthetic foods, vitamins and the like. Just like in humans, not every dog ​​reacts normally to processed foods, preservatives and other substances contained in them. Substandard fodders, which are now on sale a great many, eventually contribute to the development of various diseases in pets, which turns them into sick animals, and in the prime of life. It goes without saying that the processed food is very hard to digest by the stomach. Among other things, many substances that participate in the treatment, very often cause allergic reactions in the dog.
• Another reason whyDogs vomiting yellow, - the presence of her gastritis. Emetic gusts will not keep you waiting, if the pet has been in a hungry state for quite a long time. This can be attributed to the poorly selected feeding of the pet. As a result of the lack of food in the stomach, gases begin to accumulate, which contribute to the occurrence of nausea. Thus, to tear a dog can only accumulated bile, since there are no other substances and products in the stomach. It is very important to timely eliminate the cause of malnutrition of the dog, its lack of appetite, otherwise the subsequent treatment can be quite complicated and lengthy.
• One of the unpleasant causes of bile vomitingIs the presence in the body of an animal worm. These parasites can seriously damage the health of the dog, so get rid of them immediately, after they are identified.
• The most serious causes of bile vomiting - the presence of stomach ulcers in the pet, as well as possible infection of the liver.

Answer # 2:

Means an occasion to examine a dog from a doctor. Liver and pancreas check

Answer # 3:

To vet for examination.

Answer # 4:

Here's the site, I think that there will give you an answer

Answer # 5:

Polyurethane. Alben in the pharmacy, according to the instructions

Answer No. 6:

Most likely problems with the liver. Give your blood to biochemistry.

Answer No. 7:

Most likely pancreatitis. Pancreatin 0.1 - 1g 2 - 3 times a day for 2 - 3 weeks and pansinorm-forte inside with food for 0.5-1 1tab 3 times a day for 10-30 days.

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