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Standard bichon frize

Torso bichon frize, in contrast to the Maltese lap dog has a more square, compact.

The most significant proportions: The height at the withers is equal to the length of the trunk.

The head, rather than the body, is rather short. The nose of the nose is voluminous and of coal-black color. The length of the muzzle is 2/5 of the total length of the head.

Nasal bridge straight, cheeks, muzzleparallel. Actually, the head can be - square. Teeth white, straight, jaws full-toothed. Scissor bite, it is allowed and pincer bite. The eyes are large, shiny, wide open, the color of dark ocher. The profile of the back is rectilinear, the lumbar line slightly convex, harmoniously passing into the line of the sacrum. The tail is usually bent, and lies on the back. The forequarters and hind legs are set strictly vertically.

When viewed from the rear, they are strictly parallel to theFeet. Feet oval, with claws and hard pads thickly black. It moves easily, resiliently, with a high head set. Wool is long all over the body, however, it does not fit the body, not straight, but rather curly.

Color - exceptionally white, without spots or dark haze. Important! Sometimes puppies have yellowish or ivory spots, it's not a "marriage", it's okay. With age, they disappear. So breeders have an opinion that the "dirtier" puppy coat, the more white it becomes later.

Advice! Be careful when choosing a nursery, where you will take the puppy. All puppies like bichon at an early age are similarEach other. Since the wool has not yet grown, only an expert will be able to distinguish the young bishon Frize from his peer Maltese. And how difficult it is to distinguish non-pureblood dogs! Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest people who use it. The height at the withers is on average from 24 to 29 centimeters. Weight in the range from 3 to 6 kilograms

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