/ Why do dogs and cats dislike each other?

Why do dogs and cats do not love each other?

Answer # 1:

According to scientists, the opposition of cats and dogs arises from the fact that they do not understand each other. So, for example:

Wigging the tail. When a dog wags his tail, it indicates that he
Happy, but the cat, thus, shows its aggression.

2. Growling. The dog growls a toga, the cord is somewhat dissatisfied and ready to attack, the cat is purring, showing its love.

Declination of the head. If the dog bows its head on its side, this
Testifies to obedience, but the cat declined his head showing
Aggression. But, no matter how it was, the friendship between these pets is possible.
After all, when they live together for a long time, they learn each other
understand. Yes, and the cat very quickly
Understands that the dog - a real "stove", near which you can not only
To get warm, but also to have a good sleep. Accustomed to each other animals
Worry about their "friend": they clean their ears, wash their faces, rest together. When
This, according to experts, in such a friendship the cat always dominates. It would be ideal if dogs and cats are used to each other with
Childhood. Because pets will miss their mother, they will
Experience the same emotions, they will be able to find a common
Language and will begin to be friends. Becoming friends with the cat, the dog will be affectionate
Treat your "own" cat, but in relation to other feline individuals
The hunter's instinct will work perfectly.

Answer # 2:

Why is there day and night?

Answer # 3:

The impudent piTsZh. I have a dog and a cat - in general the best friends

Answer # 4:

A dog is a predator, a cat is smaller than a dog. This is quite enough.

Answer # 5:

Probably because cats are small and fluffy, like game and run around. And when dogs run around, they do not like it, they even throw themselves at the chelas.

Answer No. 6:

This nature protects us people. If they fall in love with one another, they will unite and require people to eat!

Answer No. 7:

They do not want to give birth to kotopyos that's why they do not like each other ...

Answer No. 8:

When animals are together from childhood, they do not know enmity

Answer No. 9:

It is they millet skillfully camouflaging their love for each other in front of man. Knowing that in this case are in obviously advantageous conditions. And we naively believe them)

Answer No. 10:

it is a myth

Answer No. 11:

And they love each other, here they are:

Answer No. 12:

Simply they are jealous animals, they are jealous of the owner if they are in the house.

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