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How to train a puppy to a leash

Answer # 1:

Proper training consists of a confident,
Calm and constant practice.
Puppies can get nervous when they first put on a collar. Some people get hysterical, and they try to take it off. There are several ways to calm your puppy if he did not like the collar.
Distract the dog. Try to put the collar on the dog during the game or when you are walking with him on the street.
Encourage the puppy. Give him his favorite treat or toy after dressing the collar.
Loosen the collar. The collar should fit tightly to the neck, but do not squeeze it, so as not to create a puppy discomfort.
Attach the leash. Some dogs may become very nervous, while others will not even pay attention to it. For the first time you hook the leash, you can throw the other end to the ground, and let the puppy just run. Play with him or let him play with another dog, while the leash drags along the ground. Make sure that the puppy is not entangled in the leash. Http://dressirovka-sobak.com/ukhod-i-vospitanie-shchenka/kak-priuchit-shchenka-k-osheiniku-kak-priuchit-shchenka-k-povodku.html

Answer # 2:

It is better to watch the video lessons in order to understand what exactly the puppy should know about the leash and behavior on the street

Answer # 3:

When you go out for a walk, try to go to the survived puppy and to beckon him with a gentle voice

Answer # 4:

Playing without changing the situation, throw a leash, walk around the room with a toy, often praising and stroking.
There is a wonderful book: "Do not growl at the dog" Praer, I highly recommend, not only for the education of the puppy, but for life too!

Answer # 5:

Day 3, at home walk with him on a leash, get used to.

Answer No. 6:

At home, train, teach to wear in the teeth.

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