/ / What kind of dog do I have if I have allergies to dogs?

What kind of dog do I have if I have allergies to dogs?

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Below table of recommended breeds.

I myself asked the same question a year ago, answered"There are no hypoallergenic breeds of dogs, feel sorry for yourself," and 7 months ago I started a miniature poodle, I'm allergic to the wool of dogs and cats. At first I was scraped when I looked after the puppy, I thought it was an allergy, I washed the puppy and it's all right! It was dirt)) I'm satisfied with the breed! They are in second place in terms of intelligence and handsome with proper care, do not shed, you need to comb the hair, she herself did not like poodles before, basically the owners do not bother and shear primitively)) I chose between York and Poodle. Just poodles were more affordable, and it seemed to me that he could protect himself better from my child, and my poodle is protected, he's fighting and very funny! !!

I do not feel allergic to him, I do not smell of dog, I can wash more often than other dogs, washing with shampoo every 2-3 weeks.

Answer # 2:

Do not start

Answer # 3:

Better no!
But if a very spy-poodle is small, their hair does not smell of dog

Answer # 4:

Chinese crested

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Answer No. 6:

Allergies to dogs? !!
Can an allergy to their coat?

Googled, they are full. For example, york or poodle.

Answer No. 7:

Only pills to drink!

Answer No. 8:

An allergy not only to the coat ... So that no.

Answer No. 9:

There are such dogs they do not have hair and hair like a man, I do not remember the breed on the Internet.

Answer No. 10:

Definitely York!

Answer No. 11:

First you need to know what exactly is the allergy(Wool, the secret of salivary or other glands), and then think what. But for example I have an allergy to saliva and quietly in the house I keep 3 dogs. Just do not allow them to lick me especially and drink suprastin. And we are happy))

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Answer # 13:

Yorkshire Terrier, his hair is similar in structure to human hair. In any case, it is proved by practice that the dog does not cause allergies

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