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Than to feed a dog other than karma

Answer # 1:

Meat (only raw!): Beef, chicken, lamb, rabbit, liver, kidney, udder.
(The main thing in your pet's diet should beLow-fat beef. Meat for dogs does not have to be only first grade. To feed the animal with a tenderloin and other high-quality meat, according to experts, is even undesirable. Completely exclude from the diet of the dog you need fat pork and chicken legs)

Porridge: buckwheat, rice, semolina.

(Dogs almost do not dig a millet and barleyPorridge, which, in addition, can lead to the development of their allergies. Peas, pearl barley, corn porridge often cause food intolerance due to excessive amounts of protein and fiber. )
Vegetables: (can be cooked): cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, strawberries, peaches, apples, sweet cherries, Potatoes - better in raw form.

(Of fruits, avoid grapes and citrus fruits, since they often cause allergies)

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Answer # 4:

Occasionally, twice a week, you can give raw meat, cicatrix, cottage cheese, kefir.

Answer # 5:

It is possible to make the basis of nutrition for food, and in addition to give meat, cottage cheese or something else, just not that dogs are contraindicated

And more: kOrmit you wrote correctly, and kormov in any way? Root words, actually

Answer No. 6:

We only feed natural food! The other does not eat.

Answer No. 7:

Brewed cereals, vegetables, meat

Answer No. 8:

If the dog does not have chronic diseases, thenIt can be fed with natural products of animal origin: meat of different varieties (not necessarily cut, trim, udder, offal), also give fish, eggs, sour-milk products, vegetables, porridge about 30% of the diet. Read more [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration] But if the dog has chronic diseases, then it is better to feed a special feed of good quality, how to choose it read here [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]

Answer No. 9:

Raw meat, cottage cheese

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