/ / Puppy of the non-German shepherd dog, a 1.5-month-old woman, except for food, give a menial fertilizing?

Puppy of a non-German shepherd bitch 1,5 months apart from eating to give a menial fertilizing?

Answer # 1:

Puppies of any breed aged from 1 to 2 months
It is necessary to feed every 3 hours.

For this age, the variety in feeding is very important.
Once a week, the puppy should be given a raw chicken egg.
Daily monthly puppies should be fed with fresh or boiled vegetables.
Vegetables are served in the form of mashed potatoes or in a crushed condition.
Vegetables can not be neglected, since it contains in its composition
A lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

It is recommended that small puppies give meat in a crushed form
Or scrolled through a meat grinder.
Fish baby is given only in a boiled form and in a purified form.
Porridge (Hercules, wheat, etc.) on meat broth.
Cottage cheese with milk (main drink).

+ Vitamins for puppies

Answer # 2:

German)))) German, German)) do not have to bother with nemetskoy.
Food should not be voluminous, but nutritious, in consistency
Mushy. Ratio of the puppy's age to the number of feeds and
Approximate amount of food per each feeding:
1-2 months. - 6 times a day - until the glass
2-3 months. - 5 times a day - up to 1.5 cups
3-6 months. - 4 times a day - 0,75-1 liter
6-12 months. - 3 times a day - 1-1.5 liters
Ratio of different types of food in the dog's food is important
Moment in the correct growing of the puppy. In case of imbalance
Nutrients in the puppy can develop hypovitaminosis
(Disease associated with a lack of vitamins), for example, such as
Rickets, eczema may appear.

It is clear
The difficulty of feeding the puppy in the first days of it in a new house. Can
Recommend an approximate next ration of a monthly puppy.
8 hours - porridge (buckwheat, hercules) on milk, with 1/2 eggs

11 hours - raw forcemeat first 5-7 days, then go to finely chopped
Raw meat with grated carrots and 1/3 teaspoon of butter.
14 hours - meat soup with boiled vegetables and finely chopped meat
17 hours - milk porridge (see feeding at 8 o'clock) with 1/2 egg
20 hours - raw meat (or minced meat) with stewed mashed carrots and butter.
23 hours - cottage cheese, kefir or milk porridge.

Meat, it is necessary to remember that the organism of the dog is adapted basically
For digesting raw meat. The raw meat contains a large
The amount of B vitamins, which contributes to the development of the puppy. AT
The same time, boiled meat is better absorbed. Therefore, from the general
The amount of meat needed 3/4 to give raw. Twice a day in any of the
Feeding should be added mineral top dressing in the following composition:
Calcium glycerophosphate or phosphoric acid calcium:
1 - 2 months 2 g.
2 - 4 months 3 g.
4 - 6 months. 4 g.
6 - 12 months 5 g.
Calcium gluconate: 1 - 2 months. 5 g.
2 - 4 months 8 g.
4 - 12 months 10 gr.

Answer # 3:

Mineral feeding - sounds threateningly - buy vitamins for puppies and add to the diet with a natural type of feeding

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Answer # 5:

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Addition: If you feed your baby with a full-fat, dry food for puppies, then no additional fertilizing is needed. In extreme cases, for prophylaxis, you can buy and give the puppy a chondroprotector Polidex glucogexstron plus 150 tab (Polidex glucohexstron plus) - this is for the joints, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue and skin. Give once a day, 1 tablet for every 5 kg of the puppy's weight.
Well, if you feed naturalka, then in addition to chondroprotectors buy in vetaptek vitamins for puppies 8 in 1 or what others, but also for puppies.

Answer No. 6:

Yes, feed you a normal food, without these minerals.

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